Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi! My name is Mary Thompson and this is my very first time to "blog"!! I'm not sure of all the ins and out of this, but it does look like fun. I am a 60 year old woman that has spent most of my life crafting. I love to sew, crazy quilt, bead, design - all of it. I love the cottage chic, victorian romantic look and "things". I sell some on EBAY and ETSY. I also have my own web site: . I just started the site in June and I have been sewing this summer like a mad woman trying to get lots of "pretties" ready for the fall and the holiday season.
I love to look at all of the pretty blogs on the web. I have found one- Mind Wide Open that is right up my alley. I also love to read Belle Armoire magazine for inspiration. I have just recently discovered altered art and mix media etc. I had been dabbling in it for years and just didn't know where to connect.
I don't have any good pictures of myself. I wish I was as pretty as the redhead I chose to use. I do have red hair only now it is getting a lot of white and blond in it. Isn't that something that you have to wait 60 years to become a blond naturally!! Life is always full of suprises.
I have 5 cats. Two very young kittens and 3 adults. Silver is my only adult female. She is pretty wild. She is a shaggy gray cat, not very big but she rules the roost. Sweetheart is a 2 year old male. When I named him I didn't know he was a "him". My cats are outdoor fairly wild cats. They come up to the deck for meals, I have 2 dog houses on the deck that they sleep in when the weather is cold, ( I live in central Alabama) . I have worked really hard with these 2 kittens trying to 'socialize' them. Sometimes they will let me pick them up, but they are very skittish. When I am sitting on the deck they will play with my toes. That is something new. There is hope. Well, i am going to sign off now, the 'brats' are making a fuss (my cats) for their supper. I will try to post some pictures of some of the items I have sold on ebay and around town here next time. Love, Mary