Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wow!! has life been exciting lately. Four weeks ago I got married. For the first time. At age 61!! Talk about the "period of adjustment" ! Don has really been patient with me. I have been running around in circles, trying to do "everything". Not only am I now a 'married lady', I have also been trying to get both my website http://www.rosecottagetreasures.com/ and my Etsy shop http://www.marysrosecottage.etsy.com/ updated and new items listed. We also have a garden that is growing like everything. And then try getting your name changed on everything !! It is a nightmare. I can understand the bank and places like that having a lot of hoops to jump thru, but just little things like emails and what I call inconsequential things. But life goes on.

I am going to post some wedding pics real soon. Be sure and check out my entry on the Mind Wide Open blog http://www.mind-wideopen.blogspot.com/ this month. She gave a really pretty pic to work with. Hope you like my contribution to the challenge.

I guess this all for now. Will try to post wedding pics later today.