Friday, July 29, 2011


This is going to be short. I am writing in my husband's weird keyboard and it is like I don't know how to type. I got Don's computer up and going. My computer crashed Thurs of last week and frankly there may be no hope in sight. I was doing a control/alt/delete to escape the virus attack and one of the .exe files didn't close right and now my computer is caught in 'safe'mode and just loops from boot up to shut down and boot up again, over and over.  I can't even get into the computer settings to try a system restore to save my files or anything.  All it will do when I push the start button is boot up and shut down, boot up and shut down with me just sitting and looking at the screen. I will be glad when July is over, it has been the month from hell for us. The transmisson died in our van and will cost more than I paid for the van. Now this thing is printing in italics?? I hate this keyboard!  Anyway two computers down, one back up, van trash, refridgerator acting up, heat that feels like you really are in hell, I had the flu ( or something like it and still feel awful), Riding lawn mower won't cut. Just on and on and on. August just has to be better. Of course the Federal gov't will probably go belly up. At least I don't count my debt in the TRILLIONS. I hope you all are doing ok. Not sure when I will be back on my own computer. I will try to keep ya'll posted from the sunny and oh so hot south.What was it Carrie Fisher wrote 'Post Cards from the Edge'?? I like that title but never read the book. Thats how I feel tonite, like a postcard from the edge of somewhere!!!!
God bless all of you. I could use a prayer or two also. If any of you have any ideas on how to stop the looping on my computer PLEASE comment.
Bye ya'll

Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been visiting the Graphics Fairy for years (and years). I just can't wait to see what pretties and facinating images she has found.  Finally I am going to join in on her Brag Monday where all of us that have collected and used her images show off our crafting use of same images.
This one I already had in my collection when Soarful Challenges used it a couple of weeks ago as the inspiration image.  Here is the original and my take on it.

Thought I would add a little humor to it.  I think it came out ok since I was running out of color ink in the printer. 
 Anyway, thanks to Karen for all her hard work to give us this huge library of images for us to play with and give our imaginations freedom.
Here is a link to Graphics Fairy: and a link to Soarful challenge in case you would like to join the fun and challenge your imagination:
PS she is using another Graphics Fairy image this week ~ a pretty honey bee.

Monday, July 11, 2011


This weekend has been interesting, confusing and just plain made me mad. My husband has picked up a computer virus on his computer.  It trys to make you think it is Microsoft Windows trying to 'protect your computer from a threat'.  It puts up screens with trick questions kinda like the old joke question ~do you beat your wife? If you answer Yes you tell every one you beat your wife and if you say No then you tell them you used to beat your wife. It asks if you want to protect your computer ~ yes or no. You are damned if you answer either way.  Well that is what this virus or worm or what ever it is.  If you answer either way you let the virus in your computer.  It has tried 3 times on mine and each time I was on a different website. I am wary of ANYTHING that pops up on my computer so I just do my trusty 'control-alt-delete' and get completely out of whatever I am in. I don't care what I lose NOTHING is as important as protecting my computer. It may not work for ever but for right now it has worked 3 times for me.  When I do my 'control alt delete' I hit log off and when it comes back on I hit shut down normally.  Right now the only thing my husband can do on his is play solitare.  He can not use the internet.  We called Dell (where we bought the computer and warranties) and then called Mcafee (Our supposed computer virus protection, that's a joke)  and both told us we would have to fork up $90 to $150 for a ONE TIME shot at having our computer fixed.  Maybe. They aren't real sure. Good luck folks, I am going to have to dump my husbands entire operating system and hope that works.  With my computer, so far so good. I have started down loading my pictures, and  word processing stuff and clip art and hope I have time to get the most important stuff off MY computer before this virus changes and if it hits you and there is no way out.  People that write this stuff should be taken out and hung.  From a high tree limb. And left there to rot and warn any other jackass with the same ideas what will happen.  I will keep you posted but be VERY VERY CAREFUL of ANYTHING THAT SAYS WIN 7 SECURITY AND TRYS TO LOOK LIKE WINDOW MICROSOFT STUFF.  IT IS EVIL. AND IT IS JUST 1 CLIK AWAY.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I know I am just under the wire on this challenge.  I have had the images printed and blocked out in my mind since Monday.  BBBBBut...... I have been under the weather with a darn virus (I guess, but when you don't have health insurance you don't run to the doctor).  I feel better today than yesterday, so maybe I am over the worst. 
I found a new blog challenge called Soarful Challenge.
Now for the challenge:  here is the image we had to work with.
The image originally came from Karen at the Graphics Fairy.  If you have never prowled thru her blog I have a button on the right side near the bottom. I added an image from the BBC~UK~DRWHO called weeping angel. I think she is just covering her eyes.  The background image is from Gail Schmidt at Shabby Cottage Studios (her old blog) which has some great images for free.  She has moved to a new blog and site, so you should NOT wait to check out her old one because it could go away any time. Here is a link to her old site ~     There are some great freebies there and her collage sheets are well worth buying. Anyway, here is my entry to the challenge.  I call it "Come out, come out! where ever you are".
I have to admit all those arches and such look like great hiding places.  This is my first time with Soarful challenge and I will be back.  This was fun, I just wish I had felt better.
God Bless all of you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Been hot as hades lately and I have not been feeling too well.  Think it might be a tummy virus.  Trying to work on some challenges, not getting very far though. Been in bed most of the day Wednesday and think I may do the same today.  Be back soon, just wanted everyone to know I was still alive and survived July 4 although it sounded like the neighbors were blowing up the neighborhood with their fireworks.  Oh well, see you later.
God Bless each of you.