Friday, July 8, 2011


I know I am just under the wire on this challenge.  I have had the images printed and blocked out in my mind since Monday.  BBBBBut...... I have been under the weather with a darn virus (I guess, but when you don't have health insurance you don't run to the doctor).  I feel better today than yesterday, so maybe I am over the worst. 
I found a new blog challenge called Soarful Challenge.
Now for the challenge:  here is the image we had to work with.
The image originally came from Karen at the Graphics Fairy.  If you have never prowled thru her blog I have a button on the right side near the bottom. I added an image from the BBC~UK~DRWHO called weeping angel. I think she is just covering her eyes.  The background image is from Gail Schmidt at Shabby Cottage Studios (her old blog) which has some great images for free.  She has moved to a new blog and site, so you should NOT wait to check out her old one because it could go away any time. Here is a link to her old site ~     There are some great freebies there and her collage sheets are well worth buying. Anyway, here is my entry to the challenge.  I call it "Come out, come out! where ever you are".
I have to admit all those arches and such look like great hiding places.  This is my first time with Soarful challenge and I will be back.  This was fun, I just wish I had felt better.
God Bless all of you.


Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to feel better.... I think there is not a worse time than having a cold in summer !!

Jeanette said...

Hi Mary. Welcome to Soartful Challenges. Your entry is really beautiful. I love how you did the background and blended the blues. An added bonus for me is the touch of humor. Thanks for being Soartful this week. Please come back again.

Deb said...

Mary, you clever woman you! Followed you over from Digital Whisper. Love what you did with this challenge...made me giggle. Love the idea of angels playing hide and seek in church archways...too fun. Look forward to seeing more of you at DW.

Hope you have lots of sunshine today to chase away that cold.

Missouri's Lilac said...