Saturday, April 21, 2012


This two weeks since Easter have been energetic and frightful.  We  (Don more than me) has really been working in the yard.  He has blown leaves and mowed and blown leaves and mowed more yard.  The real neat thing was he wheeled and dealed to get the dead tree that was leaning against another tree and aimed to fall right on the end of our doublewide trailer.  He traded my blue GMC Safari for the work plus we got $400 dollars.  Not bad since the transmission was messed up in 3rd gear.  It had 211,000 miles on it but the engine ran good and didn't use oil and the tires had less than 3000 miles on them. I am happy with the deal. The dead tree is gone!!!  Thank you Lord for sending Steve McKenzie our way. He was removing several trees across the street. Thank you Lord for sending me Don who is a much better wheeler/dealer than I will ever be.

EVERYTHING in Alabama is blooming early this year. We really didn't have a winter.  My Queen Elizabeth rose has more blooms on it at one time than it has EVER had.

I meant to make pics Thursday and never got to it. I have the flu and have been miserable. I thought it was just sinus but I have been running a temp the last couple of days and staying in bed most of the time. I knew if I did not take pics now the blooms would be gone. Between Thursday and Friday some petals  had already fallen.
While I was out with the camera I took pics of my Mothers day lily Don got me in 2009. It is blooming big time.

My only heritage rose Marie Pave is blooming like mad. It has tiny white with pink touches blooms.
Yes, i see those blackberry canes in the middle of my rose and lilies.  If I ever get to where I can stand on my head to pull them they will be gone.  After the lilies finish blooming I am going to take them up and divide them again. I also have some other flowers to plant. 
Don has anchored my trellis with the seat in it he got me for our anniversary last year. I already have one climbing rose that has small pink blooms and he planted it at one end and bought a "Don Juan" climbing rose and planted it on the other end. It has one bud so it will bloom shortly. I wish Google would leave well enough alone.  all of a sudden I can't post below the trellis pic without having a solid teal background. I just don't feel like dealing with any of their "bright ideas" this morning.  I'm going back to bed. I hope all of you are doing OK.  May God shed His Blessings on each of you!  Mary

Sunday, April 8, 2012


On this beautiful Easter Morning, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has risen !!!

On this Easter morning I pray that each of you have put your faith in the Savior. Salvation is only a prayer away. It is free, Christ has already paid the ulitmate price for our sins. All you have to do repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your heart. NO ONE is without sin. All it take is FAITH IN JESUS.

Mary and Don