Monday, February 13, 2012


I have given up trying to keep up with the fabric pages to a stitch sampler book.  I found the 1st lost page (under a stack of papers) and now have lost the 2nd page that had week 2-5 stitched on it. Just a long list  of 'stuff' happening. 
 Don and I have been sick now going on 2 weeks.  He has the flu and I had a really bad stomach virus. This has truely been the sick taking care of the sick.  I don't get stomach viruses often but about once every 4-6 years, but when I do they seem to go overboard. I literally lost 10 pounds in a day and half. I still have not gained much of it back and am as weak as a limp dishrag. Don is feeling better but still sounds like he has the croup. I have been guzzling citrus flavored GATORADE (on my 3rd 2 liter bottle), Diet Mtn Dew (that actually seemed to settle my stomach some. I still can't eat much of anything.  I made a huge pot of chicken veggie soup and am living on that, wheat saltines and some butter cookies. I went a whole week without a cup of coffee (I start the day out with atleast 4 cups) and am only just now drinking my 2nd cup in 10 days.  Enough about us.  As the old saying goes ~ This too shall pass~  I hope......

I have decided to just show real stitches in a work in progress from now on.  If I ever find all the pages of stitches I started with I will also try to finish it ~ Maybe
Here is the chevron stitch ...  the green is a practice stitch and the beads the real deal. 

 I will check back with you folks later. May God shed his Blessing on each of you. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PLAYING CATCH UP ~ A G A I N grrrrrrrrrrr TAST 3 ~ 4 ~ 5

One more time I am going to play catch up at TAST.  No ones fault but my own ~ I guess laziness.  Sometimes it is like my brain shifts into neutral and won't shift out.  So here are my entries for TAST week 3 ~ the feather stitch:
The feather stitch is my all time favorite.  Oh it will hide a multitude of sins on fabric and crazy stitching. My favorite variation is a grape vine.

So here is TAST week 4 the cretan stitch.  It is not one of my favorites. It is really hard for me to do a balanced cretan stitch repeatedly.  I do love it used as chcken wire fencing as several of the other folks at TAST showed ~ I tried but ripped it out. Still working on that one.

So Now with this TAST week 5 entry I am caught up again.
This week is the herringbone.  Easy to create, not so easy to repeat over and over as a balanced line of stitches.  (**in case you haven't figured it out yet ~ I am a Libra which means balance is EVERYTHING is me.  I absolutely suffer pain trying to do anything asymetrical.**)
So here is my creation with the herringbone stitch.  It is a pretty one to do completely in beads.

So now I am caught up ~ AGAIN.  Maybe for a few days.
Here is a view of my first page of my sampler book I am doing.  I will go back a put the names of the stitches in each square. I have not figured out if I will just write them or what.
Now I have to go back to work on my square for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for J A N U A R Y.  Yeah I missed that deadline too !!!!  But that is a whole different story... and post.
Prayer helps. I am living proof of it.