Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PLAYING CATCH UP ~ A G A I N grrrrrrrrrrr TAST 3 ~ 4 ~ 5

One more time I am going to play catch up at TAST.  No ones fault but my own ~ I guess laziness.  Sometimes it is like my brain shifts into neutral and won't shift out.  So here are my entries for TAST week 3 ~ the feather stitch:
The feather stitch is my all time favorite.  Oh it will hide a multitude of sins on fabric and crazy stitching. My favorite variation is a grape vine.

So here is TAST week 4 the cretan stitch.  It is not one of my favorites. It is really hard for me to do a balanced cretan stitch repeatedly.  I do love it used as chcken wire fencing as several of the other folks at TAST showed ~ I tried but ripped it out. Still working on that one.

So Now with this TAST week 5 entry I am caught up again.
This week is the herringbone.  Easy to create, not so easy to repeat over and over as a balanced line of stitches.  (**in case you haven't figured it out yet ~ I am a Libra which means balance is EVERYTHING is me.  I absolutely suffer pain trying to do anything asymetrical.**)
So here is my creation with the herringbone stitch.  It is a pretty one to do completely in beads.

So now I am caught up ~ AGAIN.  Maybe for a few days.
Here is a view of my first page of my sampler book I am doing.  I will go back a put the names of the stitches in each square. I have not figured out if I will just write them or what.
Now I have to go back to work on my square for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for J A N U A R Y.  Yeah I missed that deadline too !!!!  But that is a whole different story... and post.
Prayer helps. I am living proof of it.


Anonymous said...

Hey .... We all suffer from occasional "neutral"!!
Have A Great Day!!

Nicola said...

All your stitches for the weeks are looking beautiful. How is your friend?

Kathleen said...

Beautiful work.

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Hi Mary thanks for nice comment on my blog, I'm also late with my TAST stitch, your stitches are all very fine, love your grapevine stitches, the cretan stitch, nor is my favorite stitch.

Isabelle said...

very nice

Raphaela said...

Love your beaded herringbone.

Nilu said...

What a beautiful blog....just LOVE it!!!!

Hoping to learn a lot from you...