Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well another week has gone by. The weather has been stiffling hot. I don't have air conditioning since they wanted $1300 to fix it. I told the man if I had that much money I would buy a new car. Does not really bother me except when the humidity is real high. I have ceiling fans in every room.

I entered the the August Challenge at that Gail Schmidt is running. She has a really nice blog if you like "pretty" altered art. I am not in to witches and skulls and that type of stuff you see in a lot of the altered art/mixed media stuff. I like the vintage , I guess elegant look. Be sure to go out to her web site and check out all the entries and be sure and vote for your favorite.

Today while I was finishing my entry it stormed and the lights flickered. Had a lot of distant thunder. We got some rain -not enough!

As usual when I am trying to finish something to a dead line, there were things I couldn't find. I think my problem is I have too much stuff. I am trying to organize things. I have taken two of my bedrooms and one is a sewing/computer room and the other is a crafting room. It is coming together. When it looks a little better I will put up some pictures.

I promised some pictures so here goes. These are some of the pillows I have sold on EBAY. The butterfly pillow is handbeaded. I hope you like them. I have also added a picture of the "Secret Journal Tote Bag" I made for the Challenge at Mind Wide Open.
I guess I will sign off now. I hope you have a great week end!! Love, Mary

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KathrynAntyr said...

Brilliant. I would love to have my very own "Secret Journal tote bag." Very original indeed.