Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today we have snow flurries falling in Alabama.  Now I know all you folks that live in REAL snow country (including my brother in Wasilla, Alaska) are rolling on the floor laughing at some one getting excited about snow flurries . OK go ahead and laugh. I laugh too.  My husband (who was raised in snow country and has lived most of his life in snow country) is not laughing.  In fact if I utter THAT 4 letter word he gets upset and threatens to move us to Florida. I have tried to explain to him that Miami Fla has had snow before and not so many years ago. He just gets madder and said we would go to Arizona and I explained how the pilot of a Delta plane I was on pointed out all the snow on the ground as we flew over Arizona one time and showed him a calendar picture of snow in Arizona.  I think maybe I am not the only person in this 2 person household that has red roots in their hair. He does have a red headed temper when this red head points out things he does NOT want to hear LOL LOL.  Oh well I also went on to point out that the weatherman is predicting freezing rain and/or sleet for Tuesday nite and the last time we had freezing rain here was 1993 when we had 17 (that's right I said SEVENTEEN) INCHES OF SNOW on top of several inches of ice (freezing rain) and the power was out at our place for 12 DAYS.  We are so OVERDUE for snow and ice here in Alabama.  It actually frightens me with what we COULD have since we are so overdue.  Usually we don't go but a couple of years without a snow that sticks to the ground.  It really isn't much fun in Alabama when it snows or ices up.  Folks down here don't know how to respect snow and ice. And they sure don't know how to stay at home and OFF the roads.  We don't have that many sanders and salt trucks and NO SNOWPLOWS!!!!  The only people that get around even marginally safe are folks with 4 wheel drive and they don't really know how to get around on the ice that is usually under it all.
When we lose our power it is usually because some fool hit a light pole on the road.  I guess I should go and try to calm down my hubby and try not to upset him too much with the gleam of snow in my eyes every time I look out the window. And NO, none of the flakes have stuck but if you look real close in this picture you can see a few flakes flying by. LOL
NOO, those white dots on the picture are NOT lint on the lense of the camera!!   And stop laughing so hard.  I have enough to put up with listening to my husband !!! LOL LOL
On a better note I also wish to remind every one that Lynn at Teacupstitches is having one last giveaway this year on Christmas eve.  So click on her link and get your name in the pot.  She has some pretties to give away and what a Christmas present to your self if you win. 
So for now I need to go get the shovel out and shovel up the THREE big snow flakes that fell LOL.
May God bless each of you.

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Okay, I have to agree with your Sweetie...snow is welcome to stay ...waaaaay up Nawth. We are in Southeast Georgia and are just not equipped for this cold, much less snow. My Sweetie was talking Miami too but I am thinking "troical island" LOL.