Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Since the sun is shining outside for the first time in nearly a week I decided to use yellow tones for my type today.   The sun is shining even though up the road about 30 miles they had fresh snow today.  The temp won't even get above 32F (right now at the NWS office at the Shelby County airport 4 miles from my home it is 29F). Since it is almost 3pm I don't think it will make it to 32F. I am tired of worrying about the weather, I am ready to do some thing else.
I have been reading a lot lately.  Christine Feehan had a new book come out right after Christmas and of course I was first in line for it.  That lady has not written anything I didn't enjoy. I have never liked vampire stuff (still don't) but she has a series of books about vampire hunters (her 'Dark" series) that I have just loved. The lady creates characters that seem real and you would want to meet and get to know.  Her books follow the lives of the characters and overlap into the next book (although each book will and does stand alone) so you don't have that feeling of wondering what happened AFTER the end of the book.  I really like that style of writing. It's kind of like finding out if Scarlett really did get Rhett back in 'Gone with the Wind' and not having to wait 50 years to see. Anyway, 'Ruthless Game' (the latest in the Ghostwalker series) was top notch mile a second action that I read almost in one sitting. I fell asleep about 30 pages from the end. Needless to say I finished it the next morning before I even made the coffee.  If you like high adventure, romantic hunks, and leading ladies that DON'T faint until kissed by the hero, then I recommend Christine Feehan's books. You can start with any series she writes and enjoy them all.
I guess you can tell I am suffering from cabin fever when I start giving book reviews and advising about authors, but it has been that kind of a week.  I have also been doing some crazy quilting too.  And cooking.
So from here the frozen Southland (the low tonight is supposed to be around 10F) ~ God please Bless us and please keep the heat going.

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

good review ... hope you are staying warm, our heater can not keep up and even with an extra electric heater in the living room my feet are still froze :)