Saturday, April 30, 2011


Now all of you know what I was doing at 4:20 AM  Friday morning.  Just like a couple of billion of my closest friends we were all watching every moment of the Royal Wedding.  It really did have all the elements of a fairy tale wedding.  The prince,  the beautiful maiden (a commoner), the delightful attendants, all the parents and grandparents looking on, a beautiful church rich in antique heritage,  herald trumpets, the clergy in robes that rivaled the wedding party.  Everything you could ask for in a fairytale.  I wish this couple a long life, happiness to balance the heartaches of life, children (atleast the 'heir and a spare'), and a love that will sustain their marriage.  I think William read some of the books about his parents' marriage.  He took his time and tried to make sure (from all appearances) that he had the right partner for his life. I think Kate tried to do the same.  I know some folks have been very critical of them dating and breaking up and living together for periods.  William has seen the very worst of what destruction and heartache a bad marriage can bring, not only with his parents but his uncles and other realitives. I think from some interviews I have read of him, that he had rather not marry at all than to go thru what his mother went thru.  In my oppinion Charles should have never married Diana.  That marriage never had a chance because of him, period.  But that is another rant for another day.  I hope this couple  will change the fortunes of royality and prove that fairytales can have a happy ending.  God Save the Queen!


Wateringen said...


Wat een leuke blog.
Ik ga je blog volgen.
Kom je ook eens een kijkje
in mijn wereldje nemen.


rosarod said...

Hello Dear, I saw the relay service and everything was beautiful! I remembered the wedding of their parents. I hope and I wish them well! hugs, Rose Marie

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOL ohhh girl I SO agree with you !
you are a wise woman.