Wednesday, June 22, 2011


First of all I would like to appoligize for that horrible text color (neon green) last time. I couldn't read it either!! You won't see that color again.
This week started out OK. I finished my altered art mini comp book for the swap over at
 "The Altered Paper" .  That was fun. It is the first time I covered a book WITHOUT sewing on the cover.  I will post pictures when Valerie has had time to receive her package.  It went to Germany so it will probably take 10-14 days.
First I have to tell you that here in Alabama the tempature highs has not been below 90 + but one or two days at most since the tornadoes came thru on April 27.  That is actually very unusal for this time of the year.  Second I don't have airconditioning in my home any more. The central air died several years ago from too much lime (we have lots of lime quarries in Shelby county) in the air that ate holes in the copper coil and since the warranty had just run out on the unit and it would cost over $1500.00+ to replace AND the three different companies I talked to said it would probable happen again in 5-6 years and I didn't have $1500.00+ to spend, I have relied on ceiling fans in all the rooms, box fans, and more fans etc. etc.. Mostly I have survived pretty well except late in the afternoons when the sun hits the back of the house (mainly the kitchen and den).  You really don't want to do a lot of cooking at that time of the day.  We have adjusted our life style to accommodate that.  Well this week the refrigerator in the kitchen with the ice maker started acting up and it has gone downhill fast. Now it does not work at all. Makes weird sounds, drips water and for some reason the water cut off doesn't cut off completely.  Everyone wants at least $75 just to look at it plus more to fix it.  Luckily I have 2 side by side refrigerators and looks like I am going to have reduce down to one.  The one with the ice maker isn't cooling as much as it should. 
Then the riding lawn mower decided to throw a pulley off the cutting deck and we have to get that fixed.  I have a VERY GOOD FRIEND that has volunteered to fix that.  Thank you Sandy.  You are the sweetest guy in the world. And a real lifesaver.
Anyway it is only Wednesday so I am holding my breath.  We are supposed to have thunderstorms the rest of the week and SLIGHTLY lower temps.  We really need the rain because we haven't had but about an inch in the last month and a half and this is usually a rainy time of the year, instead we have had a drought.  But if the storms are anything like yesterday I worry.  I was nearly blown of the road coming back from the library and post office.  Wind rocked the van. Really was afraid.  Any way I will let you know. 
I am working on some new challenges ~ tags etc.  Will have pics maybe this afternoon.
For now may God Bless each of you and keep you safe.


rosarod said...

Hello Mary, It's been a season a little difficult in terms of climate and weather, bad weather and so many events tied to this. Here as a tropical island, we had everything! times of drought, heavy rain, river beds, and now extreme heat, which overwhelms us! Note that on Sunday I was in the yard with my grandson in the pool, and Mary I was less than an hour, and forget to wear sunscreen and sun achievement, affect me one bit! he fled to the Sun live in a coastal area where we have the sea, beaches and visits to bathe, just looking for the shade and enjoy the view. "Of late my house is heated front in the rooms and have to sleep with forced air cond. Imagine what will be happening, I had your same problem with the air of my room, now make appliances to last for some time (very short) and we have to replace or buy new ones! insurance so if we feel upset and overwhelmed! Moreover Mary, I hope to see your new projects, hugs, Rose Marie

Anonymous said...

Here in NE Penna. we have had wierd weather also. We have had severe cold & extreme heat. Now we are raining yet again &the humidity it so high you could cut it with a knife!! LOL!!
Try to stay cool!!
Have a Splendid Day!!

Rebecca said...

Mary...I've had times like this. I have. The year was 2000/2001 and it was simply the worst two years in my life. Everything happened. Everything went wrong. I'll spare you the details and just say that breathing in air was more than difficult.

Somehow we survived and you will, too. Thinking of you with love~


Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Mary!
Well this sounds like a really bad case of Murphys Law! It goes "If something CAN go wrong it WILL!"
Its always something isnt it!
Our house is 100 years old and we do not have central AC upstairs so when it is unbearable sleeping I've found that if I spritz my feet with water and have the fan blowing on my feet that it cools down the whole body! It really works!
Keep cool Mary and I hope you get all those mechanical issues fixed soon!

The Altered Paper said...

I can't imagine this heat without air. Hate that you have to go through it. If anything happened to mine I would be in a pickle too. We have had rain & heat, rain & heat here. My Blessings,Tee