Monday, August 15, 2011


Three weeks ago my computer crashed while shutting down. I messed with it, trying to keep from losing all my clipart and documents. Nothing else mattered. Because we had had attacks on both our computers I had started down loading on cd's my clip art but ran out of discs, I didn't get it finished before it crashed. Was someone up above trying to warn me maybe?? Anyway, I fooled around worrying with the van (transmission is gone in it), finally got my husband's computer up again, and lots of other problems that just would no let go. I finally gave up and called Dell and for once in my life got lucky.  A really nice guy named Deepak tryed to help me.  We could not get him logged on to my computer and nothing we tried with him walking me thru the steps from my end worked.  He asked me how much I valued my documents and clip art. He said if I could lose them I could get my computer a new hard drive for free because it was still under warranty. I hate losing all that but I just don't have the money to pay for saving it.  I can let go. I don't know which is worse losing my favorites lists or my pics I had collected. I am now writing down ANYTHING I add to a favorites list.  There are web sites I like that I may never find again. I am going to make hard copies of my favorite images for my art so I do not have to rely on anything electronic or mechanical. I have a thingy to plug in and back up my computer, but I only used it once and I think I am not going to use it to restore any thing.  I will start from scratch again.  I have learned some lessons, and I am going to put the knowledge to use.  The main thing being hard copy masters of my documents, favorite pics, and favorites list.  I had tried to be scientific about having folders listing my blog followers, the blogs I follow, favorite tutorials, etc., etc., I really tried but there are some sites I may never find again.  I am lucky that I had printed off a lot of clipart to use for new things I am creating to list on ETSY. I can make copies of those to save (some of them from Mind Wide Open, the first challenge I ever entered). That blog is gone now and Gail doesn't have those images available for sale (atleast I haven't found them). I guess I just have to let go of some things.  Over the last 7-8 years I have had to let go of a LOT of things.  I have to remember that I really am lucky because I still have my home, and am still alive and able to function. I have to remember the folks that lost EVERYTHING including family members just a few miles from me in the tornadoes in April. 
Thank you LORD for what I do have and help me handle what I don't have.
The repairman will be here in a few minutes.

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