Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Well while we were having thunderstorms this morning, I had my trusty glue sticks out working on the Tag Tuesday and Artful Bag challenges.  Here they are:
The theme at Tag Tuesday was
"school memories". Since I was in grammer school in the middle to late 1950's, that took more than memories.  It took some imagination too.  I have to admit I would have used some of the Dick and Jane books, but since my ink in colors was low (read nearly non existant) in my printer I couldn't print the pics.  I did find some interesting black and white line drawings when I Googled 'flash cards'. At Crayola.com, they have some nifty coloring sheets on all kinds of subjects. Worked like a charm.  I needed black and white flash cards because my mother made us a set of add, subtraction, multiply and divide flash cards from the boxes that chicken pot pies came in. Yes we did eat a lot of them. There were five of us and you could get 4 cards out of each box. The boxes were white cardboard with a paper wrapper around it. Mother would wash them off and cut them up. Good thing we loved chicken pot pies (Banquet is my favorite brand) and all of us still do 60 yrs later.Swanson was good buy Banquet had double crust!!  Wow, 60 yrs. ~ how time does fly!!!!!  Anyhoo if you need any black and white drawings, check out

Now for the ART BAG CHALLENGE ~ I have only had a whole month to do this and as usual I am tail end charlie again. This was supposed to be paper bags with an autumn theme and  Anna talked about some Alice in Wonderland theme too. I just went with the Autumn theme. 
I really didn't have any 'Alice' stuff (although I LOVE the 'Alice' stuff I have seen in stamps and paper etc. Out of most colors of ink on my printer so I couldn't print anything although I have collected some pretty good clipart in vintage Alice (which is the one I am more familiar with anyway, I never saw the new movie). Anyway maybe do some Alice later on.
Once again I hit the church bulletins and cut leaves out of a pic of a pile of leaves and the rake came with it.  Used brown construction paper for the purse and chiffon ribbon for the strap.  (PS I have already bought an evening bag for the embellished bag in Nov. Just wait til you see it!!!!)
Well, that's about it for these two challenges, I am working on some more 'card' challenges, so we will see how they come out. Til later on this week, have a blessed day and take care.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas.... You are so creative!!
Have a Great Week!!

rosarod said...

Hello Mary, how are you. I love the tags and although not performed very often, are useful for many things. I have put up on gifts! Best of all, we can use resources we reached as to your mom. greetings. Rose marie

Chris x said...

Hey, listen to us both talking about pastry on our blog posts.
It must be our age...I was 60 in May.
Your projects are wonderful Mary, I love them both.
Chris x

Faye said...

Mary, what a great use of recycled pot pie boxes! I love your tags. You are very creative.

Frosted Petunias said...

Hi Mary, it's been such a busy month that I almost missed your lovely bag. I love the autumn look you created with the rake and leaves and the colors are so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing!


gail said...

Oh gosh I was just talking to a friend the other day about teh Dick and Jane books we used to hvae in school. See Jane run. See Spot jump. LOL Great memories, but yes a bit of a reach.

Thanks for visiting my blog Mary and I wanted to say not to worry, I didn't buy those books to use in my art,they are too amazing to destroy. :-) If you lived closer I would let you borrow them to read! :)