Wednesday, September 21, 2011


OK guys!!  Look at your calender ~ today is Wednesday and I am posting to Tag Tuesday !!! Will wonders never cease.
Rebecca came up with a challenge that is right up my alley.
Recycle the trash.  I save stuff. I come from a long line on both sides of my family that save stuff.  Why buy new if you already have old that works!!! My moto. My grandmother Nelson saved all her Christmas cards and cut out the designs and glued them to white tissue paper for fancy wrapping paper before my mother was born.  That was over 90 years ago.  And then she would save those she used and recycle them again. I know. I found a box of them. Some of them were almost 3D from all the old tissue and glue on the back of them. So I have a long and distingushed history to continue.
Now a bit of confession.  Last week (I missed) the theme was flower pots. I swear on a Bible that this was the tag I had planned! I just never got past collecting all the bits and pieces together. Such seems to be my life these days.  So luckily and by the grace of God, Rebecca decided it was time for a recycle tag. BINGO !!!!!!  I am ready! This morning I finished my tag (even if it SHOULD have been finished a week ago).  I got a reprieve.  Thank you Lord.
  Now I am going to give you something else to go with this..
Here is a pic of the stuff I used BEFORE I did my magic thing to all the bits and pieces.
In this picture you see: 1 old church bulletin, 1 end of a Nutty bar box (compliments of my darling Don), blue wrapping paper that I rescued from the trash at my bridal shower 2 1/2 years ago (even though I told them 100+ times to save EVERY SCRAP), a small piece of foam board (left over from cutting templates), and the selvege trimmed from a rather pretty piece of SUSAN WINGATE fabric from at least 20 yrs ago. Not bad huh!! 100 % recycled (except for the glue stick I used to hold it all together!). I haven't figured out how to recycle glue sticks yet (but I am working on it). Oh I forgot the paint I used to paint the flower pot.  It wasn't real new, it was old (several years) but not recycled.

I think some one should start an altered art challenge of 90 to 100% art from recyled supplies.  If they have already, I just haven't found it yet.  If you know of one please let me know.
Ok here is the link to Rebecca's challenge. You have lots of time to show you stuff and join us !!
I hope you join us over a Rebecca's and I hope you have a blessed week. 


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Mary! LOVED your post and LOVED your tag!! I did happen to make last week's flowerpot tag (last week), but I had missed much of the challenges over the summer. You just can't keep me in the house, when the weather is beautiful out. But with the rain, and the cooler temps setting in, I seem to be falling back into the swing of things in Blogland again, at least a little better now. LOVE your very pretty tag, and love your idea about someone running a recycling challenge regularly! I'm sure I'd be in on that, because I save everything too! (0; Enjoy the rest of your week! ~tina

Linda M. said...

Hi Mary, Your tag is gorgeous! Thanks for showing where the pieces came from, it's amazing, trash to art. I'm a new follower. Linda

Betsy said...

Hi Mary,

After this I will look at our old church bulletins with new eyes! I'm inspired by what you created. Love your Keep Calm and Pray.

Thanks for following me! I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more!


PetraB said...

What a great tradition to follow, your tag looks just wonderful.

BelleSouth said...

Wonderful, Mary!!