Monday, September 12, 2011


Well it is Monday again and I am just under the wire for Tag Tuesday. Again. Things have been quiet on the home front. The weather has been great, cool and dry.
It feels like fall. At last. Thank you Lord. Of course it will warm up some more, back into the low 90's, but I can stand that, just not anymore 100's. Til next year.

OK here is my entry in Tag Tuesday this week.
The subject was 'moon'. The background image came from a Sunday bulliten at my church a while back.  I save all of them.  They have such pretty pics on them and words I can cut out to save ink.
Like I said above I am in fall state of mind. 
Hope you go and check the other ladies art work.  They are all talented ladies. 


BelleSouth said...

Great tag for this time of year! We've had a harvest moon the past couple of nights - very bright!


craftattack said...

Hi Mary, your harvest moon is lovely, and what a good idea to use prospects or brochures! Good tip for me, as my printer is broken and I can't print anything just now! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Valerie

Olivia said...

What a gorgeous tag! Hope your weekend is delightful!