Friday, November 11, 2011


Lynn at is hosting a beautiful giveaway. It ends Nov 18, 2011. It is one of the easiest to enter, just leave a comment. That's all, no hoops, just leave a comment. And she has Four (4) seperate prizes so atleast four winners. The 4th gift is a surprise gift, nobody knows what it is.  Plus she has a bonus gift. She has this huge stack of rubber stamps. The bonus is seperate. If you win one of the other three prizes and mentioned you liked the bonus gift in your comment you receive the bonus PLUS the gift. If none of the winners wanted the Bonus she will draw a 5th time for the Bonus winner. I myself want the bonus, since I have so few stamps and little money to buy them with. I would love any of the gifts they are all fantastic works of art, but I really want that stack of stamps. Maybe this time I will be lucky.

and then my favorite

What more could you ask for ?????

   On a different note, the weather here is cool and beautiful, the trees are in fantastic color, almost fading. I have seen my red fox twice in the back yard (and no I don't have pics!!! It is tooooo quick for me to capture with my camera (as in 'wiley as a fox' LOL). Used up a whole set of batteries leaving the camera on hoping I would catch sight of it. But no luck. I haven't seen a fox in this area in over 30 years.  Too many cars and way too many houses even though there are still maybe a half dozen 100 to 300 acre farms close by. 
Well until next time ( I have been busy trying to clean house before dragging out the Christmas stuff). And if either of my brothers are reading this, fan yourself and quit laughing, I really am housecleaning!!!
May God Bless all of you and take care of you.


Lynn Stevens said...

Ae what a lovely post you did! I wish you the best of luck that you will win something my dear.
I have added you for the surprise drawing as well as the bonus. they say three times a charm! LOL
hugs Lynn

Starr said...

Good Luck, lovely post and gorgeous photos!