Wednesday, November 16, 2011


You know it is really strange the things that will trigger a walk down memory lane.  I was visiting some of the free image sites I have collected looking for some interesting Christmas vintage images and happened across this image on BUMBLE BUTTON (she has beautiful vintage images that are free, a lot I have never seen anywhere else). 
Now, everyone is crazy about birds and birdcages, and I am one of the devotee's of that passion.  But this particular pic brought back some memories that have not been dusted off in a long time.  My Grandmother Nelson had a yellow canary when I was a young (6-10 yr old). The cage hung in the kitchen on the wall opposite the windows. I can remember it was round and kinda fancy like this one. Grandmother had made a little cover that was gathered and could be pulled around the cage.  The canary was female and named Bobbie.  She could sing so pretty, but sometimes Grandmother got tired of her singing and would cover it up so she would stop singing. 
 I had to call my Aunt Mary (at the nursing home) to find out what the bird's name was and I also found out that 'Bobbie' was Aunt Mary's bird orginally, and my Grandfather Nelson (Aunt Mary's and my mother's father) thought she (the bird) was so great that he talked Aunt Mary out of the bird and that he was the one that actually took care of her. Aunt Mary couldn't remember how long they had Bobbie.  I don't either, but I do remember that when Bobbie died, we (the grandchildren) had a funeral for her in the backyard at my grandparent's house. Near Grandfather's prize winning dahlia's.
That was something else we did as children.  We thought enough and cared enough for our pets that we took very good care of all of them when they were alive and when they died (be it dogs, cats, turtles or birds or goldfish) they were all given a respectful funeral in the back yard.  So many people today throw away animals (and children) and have no feeling for anything. Alive or dead. I am glad I grew up 'in the old days' when a few people still cared for others (animal or human). 
The funny thing is thinking about the canary and the cage got me to thinking about the Thanksgiving dinners we had at my grandparents house.  I guess the tie in is that usually after dinner we kids would play under the kitchen table and could hear the bird singing.  Funny how memories are.
I hope each of you are having a great week.
May God bless each of you.


Sue Thompson said...

Hello Mary
That is a lovely image, I too had a canary years ago, such a beautiful song, but she made such a mess with her seed... lol.
Sue xx

Junibears said...

A beautiful post Mary, full of lovely memories. Bless you. Hugs
June xx