Monday, February 11, 2013


I don't write about historical persons hardly at all.  Every now and again something pops up (a lot of times on Facebook) that I just can't resist talking about. This lady is such a person.

I love to read romances ~ mostly Regency and early Victorian era stories.  I was visiting author Juliana Gray's Facebook page  and she had an entry about Lady Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden's photography from the period 1857 to her death in 1865.  This lady was one of only a handful of ladies in this time period that took photographs of other people particularly, in  studio settings. Here is one of her photographs that will be auctioned off on March 19 at Bonhams in London.
This photo was part of a group posted online by .  There are 10 pictures in this group.  Of course, I had to check out Wikipedia to see what they had and they listed more personal history about the lady like she didn't start taking pictures until AFTER she had 10 children.  WOW!,_Viscountess_Hawarden

They also listed several books that have been written about this lady.  What really made this astounding is this is Victorian England and ladies just didn't run their own picture studios and take pics outside and such. It just wasn't done.  This lady was truly a pioneer.  I hope the auction of her photos goes really well because she has mostly been forgotten.  I mean she only warranted  a half a page in the Telegraph and Wikipedia while trash like Lady? Gaga get pages on Wikipedia. I know Viscountess Hawarden isn't "current" but she does have a place in womens' history.  Please take the time to Google her pictures and take the Telegraph's link ~ there is a good description on the pics and it is worth the time spent.

I am back among the living for a while.  Maybe I will get some inspiration to do some crafting again.  I just have not had any 'get up and go' the last few months.

Love ya'll and Happy Valentines' Day.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Gosh Mary, wonder if your get up and go went off with mine? I am starting to get a little bit of the go back so maybe you will too.
Isn't it just a sign of the times when people like the Kardashians and Gaga get so much press? geeesh. sad.
thank you for the information on this remarkable woman .. I'll do more reading on her as well.

Linda M. said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for your visit and comment. Thank you too for the lesson in history. I was thinking that perhaps after having 10 children she needed a hobby. Here's to inspiration! Joyous Wishes, Linda