Thursday, April 2, 2009

I forgot to add the blog site to my entry. Be sure and check to blog out if you love altered art with a decidedly Cottage Chic flavor. There is a new April challenge going on right now so jump right in and enjoy the fun!! Mary

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lawdy mama said...

very cool - I have actually tried and been sucessful at staying off the computer since Skip retired last March from fighting and me staying off the fighting forums. Yea me for being able to get more done by doing so.

Yesterday I finished the pattern for your wedding verse project. It's completed on about 9 pages of graph paper, worded, centered and colored in to see what the finished project will look like. Was able to start the fabric yesterday and should be able to do alot more over the next few days. Jan and I have decided to not do a pillow (you probably already have quite a few...) and am going to have this matted and framed. We hope you'll be able to enjoy this more.

I did take a hiatius yesterday to get about 60+ bedding plants in the ground to finish out my front walkway on the left side of the house. In between housework today I hope to be able to rake leaves and start on the flower beds on the right side of the house. I usually put in about 300 plants and thoroughly enjoy every moment of them. I can't wait for you and Don to come up and see them in full bloom. Maybe in a couple weeks we can arrange this - the drive this time of year is quite pleasant.

Got to get back to work - see you guys Sunday. All your pillows and projects are very, very good. You're way more creative than I am. Have a great day. Sally