Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, it has been quite a while since I have been back here. A lot has happened. I became part of the "big layoff" of businesses looking to trim down their companies. Then I got the wild idea that I might move to Alaska to be near some of my family. That didn't work out at all. I had some interesting job interviews in Alaska but I had a house in Alabama that getting rid of would have been nearly impossible in today's housing climate and I would have had to get rid of my fabric stash and craft supplies. Moving to Alaska is VERY EXPENSIVE if an individual has to pay for themselves. So scratch that idea!
Then life picked up. I met a wonderful man on line in a chat room. His name is Don and low and behold! we are getting married June the 6th. I still don't have a job, but since I will be 62 in October this year I have decided I will file for Social Security and use my crafts to suppliment my income. Don is already retired and we plan to enjoy life for a change. He has already moved to Alabama and life is wonderful!!!
Now back to the crafts aspect of my life. I have been working on some really beautiful handbags and journals and ribbon sachets and all things Cottage Chic!! Don likes my crafty ways and is helping me thin down the stash that has taken over my life. I knew I had a lot, make that a SUPER LOT OF FABRIC, but finally seeing it thru the eyes of someone else does give a different perspective. So if you love fabric and crafts keep a watch on my Etsy site - and my ebay site - seller name - marysrosecottage and my web site - for some great buys in fabrics and craft books, and craft supplies.
I guess that will be about all for now. It is spring in Alabama and we are expecting some heavy weather today with possible tornadoes so pray for Alabama and all the others in the paths of these storms. I have to go and finish my entry for Mind wide open's April Challenge. If you have not checked that blog out be sure and go see it. Some really beautiful art work. I am, also, getting ready for an art show in my little town of Montevallo, Alabama on April 18. Montevallo is a small college town but has an huge number of artsy crafty folks living there and close by. I will post pics after the show and I will post pics of some of my newest creations very soon. Mary

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