Monday, September 21, 2009


Wow, has it ever rained so much. Not around here in a long time. Some places close to us (within 20 miles) were getting as much as 4 INCHES AN HOUR. That is coming down HARD. Right this second the sun is shining. Two years ago we were in a severe drought . Like my father used to say: "if you don't like the weather here wait 15 minutes and it will change."

I've been working on some new items for my NEW ETSY SHOP. , the items there will be a little different from my shabby chic cottage chic shop: .

I have discovered a style that is a little goth, a little steampunk, a little grunge maybe? It is called ' Southern Gothic'. If you google the term you come up with Faulkner's novels, and traditional gothic (castles, damsels in distress, flowing clothing, capes with hoods, long flowing sleeves, collages of jewelry, mixed and mis matched, all with a southern locale and more than a little bit of 'trailer trash'.

If you check out the sites that sell 'southern gothic' clothing you will find lots of dark colors, mixed with jewel tones of red, burgundy, teal, deep greens, lots of faux jewelry, very gaudy, very burlesque, almost a fantasy gyspy look. I love it. Now at the ripe old age of 61 I can embrace it and have a ball with it. Think Madi Gras on steriods and bride of Frankenstein, then you will have an idea.

Right now I am making wristlets or cuffs, and putting ribbon roses, tattered lace, odd pieces of jewelry. I have a cape pattern and I have a short cape my mother made and I am going to decorate it with ribbons, and lace and see what happens. I think what I like the best is no rules, let your imagination run wild. And above all have fun. Here are three wristlet/cuffs that I am listing on etsy later tonite. I haven't embraced the wildest side of this style, but who knows.

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