Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It has been almost a year since my last post. Life has been a roller coaster. Financial insecurities have abounded. We have had them and our friends have had them. All I think to do is PRAY AND PRAY HARD. I have a loving husband and we stand together to face everything. This is the first time to have the loving husband and he is truely a blessing. To know that someone is covering your back no matter what happens.

I have joined some groups online. The first is ETSY COTTAGE STYLE. I have never been a part of a group of artists before. This something totally new for me. I have three shops on ETSY and to be honest none have done well. It is totally my fault. I have not given them the time and effort they deserved and hopefully that will change. So much has gone on at home with my adjusting to married life and trying to find a balance there plus having to learn to keep house (a nightmare for me), I have just ignored my crafting life. I don't even keep my sewing machine plugged in all the time. Once upon a time I could truthfully say I never went a DAY without sewing something. That is going to change. I have started going thru my stash (a couple of mountains) of fabric and have been selling and giving away tons of fabric. Anyone involved with making service quilts and such for charities like children's hospitals and for our service men and women, just contact me. I have lots and lots more to go thru and I am willing to contribute good first quality cottons to such groups. Email me at marysrosecottage@yahoo.com and we will talk.

I have a new computer and am still learning how to navigate thru Windows 7. That has been an adventure. I am not a computer nerdette and will never be one except in my dreams. With me it is hit, miss, and PRAY. The more I learn the better I like Windows 7.

Back to the group. Back when Mother and I were doing shows, we had each other and we talked to other crafters at shows and that was fine. Now that she is gone and I have been alone and not doing shows I have felt very isolated from the crafting and fiber artists. I read on line a lot of blogs and comments but have never felt that comfortable joining in.

I am going to give it a try. At my age the is no longer "later" to do things. It is now or never. I have tons of designs in my head and on paper. I am going to try to create all of them. I love the challenge of solving problems, creating fancy from the bare bones. Recently I created a sleeveless "tuxedo jacket" in gold lame fabric for a really large man using a vest pattern. It had tails and everything. I did it in one day. All I had was his measurements. I wish I had a picture of that, but the batteries were dead in my camera and I didn't have time to get any extras. This past February a lady called right out of the blue and asked if I could make a handbag with cats and teal colors in it. I had the perfect fabric, but the cat fabric had denim blue accents instead of teal. So I took teal and gray embroidery floss and mixed them and over stitched the blue parts of a tapestry weave fabric. I do have pics of that. The one of the fabric shows the different blue colors. The lady was happy and that is really all that counts. I think I have rambled on enough for one day . Have blessed day and remember "PRAYER REALLY WORKS!!"

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