Friday, August 20, 2010


I got up real early this morning (5am) and thought I would try some more to worry with the badge/ gadget/widget (what ever they are) problem. Yes if you think you detect a hint LOL of frustration you have only hit the tip of the iceburg. I spent the whole morning reading helps (if you can't ask the right question, you don't get the right answer). I was in tears and finally signed off the computer, fixed my self another cup of coffee and watched the rain.
While my husband (he just shakes his head and from a cautious distance) asks have you got them figured out and fixed yet?? I just growled. I should state at this point that I am a redhead, born and raised, and this problem is really getting me down. It just can't be that hard. Everyone has them on their blogs. What am I doing wrong????

On a brighter note, while Don was on the computer this morning, I cut lace to put in bundles and get ready to post on later today. I also have some beautiful fabrics for altered art, crazy quilting, mixed media and scrapbookking I will list later today. Be sure and check them out.

For now I guess I will say bye.


fannipauline said...

I certainly can understand your confusion with all the latest computer skills. I do not have any site ads it is confusing to me. I have been a crafter of ooak creations nearly all of my life and i will soon be 80. I still do alot of creating and am having a Gift Show in mid October. I had a country gift shop for many years so fortunately I still have a following. Good Luck to you and many blessings.....Pauline

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Mary, thank you for coming by and signing up for my give-away. It's nice to meet you. What kind of badge/banner are you trying to make? One that people can grab off your own blog and put on there's?

Mary said...

Dear fannipauline,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. In 6 weeks I will be 63. Wow, how time passes. I would love to see some of your crafts. Please send me a link or email address. I tried to follow your comment back to your blog, but there did't seem to be a link. I would like to correspond with you.
My original business name was Mary's Country Crafts. We made old fashion bonnets, aprons, quilts, pot holders, a million cloth dolls and rabbits. I have always loved country and cottage chic. Even my country things always were 'cottage style' before I ever heard the name.
Thanks again for your comments. Have a wonderful day and I hope your sale is fantastic.

Mary said...

Dear Lynn,
Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I tried to put your give away on my blog but couldn't get it to work. It said something about already being deleted. Who knows? The whimsical ways of computers is like a lot of mischevious fairies out to creat havoc.
I searched for 'simple instructions' on how to make my own badge, but everything was way over my head. I would love one for my blog, but don't have the money to pay for one right now.
I was having problems just putting other peoples badges on my blog. Debbi at Marionberry cottage helped me with that.
Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I will keep watching your beautiful things.

fannipauline said...

I am not on anyplace. I do hope to have a Blog in the near future, but will have to have someone help me with it. I have friends that have voluntered to help me, but I am working hard towaard my show right now. You can reach me at
I wish you a very happy selling season Blessings to you, Pauline