Monday, September 13, 2010


Well another week end has come and gone. I spent most of the weekend reading. Our local library is having a book sale (10 cents and 25 cents paperbacks). Not hard to load up at those prices. I have already brought in 2 huge sacks (30 + books). Some time I just like to excape everything.
I was checking over at ETSY COTTAGE STYLE to see what was happening and found that KITTY & ME DESIGNS is having a giveaway. She has a pretty art quilt she is giving away when she hits 300 followers to her blog. She is now up to 274 so she does not have far to go. She has lovely cottage chic items and crazy quilted pretties to look at. Worth the time to stop by and see. I added her button if you would like to hop on over and check her out.
Not much happening here . Stopped at the thrift store and found a nice cabinet that should hold 150 + DVD's. Paid only $6.88 for it. The way our collection is growing it will be full in no time. Since we let the sat tv go we have been spending part of $100 a month for TV on DVD's. We never watched any thing but movies anyway. This way we can pick and choose. Don stays on top of DVD thing. The man must have watched everything that ever came out of Hollywood. We have been getting some really good buys on new DVD's on Amazon. 'And the list goes on!'
Guess that is it for today. May God watch over you.

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Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Mary, thank you very much! Your blog is lovely! I added a link to my sidebar. I hope my readers visit you.