Friday, September 10, 2010


I have really been busy this week. Tuesday Don and I were driving between Montevallo and Calera and a car stopped suddenly in front of us. I had plenty of room to stop and did, but things didn't feel right. Don said it feels like we need to have the brakes checked, and I said I thought it was the tires. The back ones had not been replaced since we bought the van 2 1/2 years ago. Well a trip to Wally World and $ 400 later we now have 4 new tires to ride on and not enough money for gas. So much for the state of our economy!!
I can't believe it is already Friday. Unreal how fast time is passing. Today I checked out the challenge entries at . WOW it is going to be hard to decide who to vote for. I wish I could have finished the item I wanted to enter, but time slipped away. Which brings me to a blog entry over at "A LITTLE IMAGINATION AND A PILE OF JUNK. ( ). I started out reading about her trip to RED ROCKS and a concert, but her Aug 5 entry really caught my eye. She had a number of quotes from Steven Pressfield's book: THE WAR OF ART. Really some heavy stuff. My favorites: "Most of us have 2 lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. " How true. He calls "Resistance - That internal struggle that maifests itself in fear, laziness, apathy, distraction, addiction -anything that keeps us from our calling.
Those 2 statements almost sum up my life. I have millions (I am not kidding) of ideas and designs in my head and most I have sketched on paper, and yet it seems I never get anything done, or have anything to show for my ideas. Such a wasted life (in terms of my art). Like the Mind wide open challenge. I bought a jar 3 weeks ago to decorate for the challenge. Did not matter what the picture was, that was going to be the base. When the picture was posted I added some ribbons (i purchased new) to match with the picture. I printed the picture and some background graphics to use, gathered beads and other trims AND NEVER GOT IT PUT TOGETHER. I kept putting it off until it was tooo late. The story of my life.
I am going to do better. I have copied some of the quotes and have hung them over my computer and work table and sewing machine. IN LARGE LETTERS. One of the comments described "resistance as a DREAM KILLER. There has never been a term so perfectly described.
Only time will tell if there is any improvement.
Pray - it can really changes things !!

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