Monday, September 6, 2010


Today is Labor Day. Today marks the beginning of the Christmas season to me. From now on I will be thinking about Christmas, planning Christmas, making lists about Christmas and working on Christmas.
I have already started making lists of items I will post to sell for Christmas. When we (my Mother and I) were doing craft shows I would have boxes of (and I mean big tote boxes) Christmas angels, teddy bears, mini wreathes, all kinds of ornaments all ready for the show trail. We would start with Labor Day shows putting out Christmas themed aprons, hot pads, bonnets, tote bags and purses. And always the hundreds of Christmas angels and Santa Clauses we made and dressed.
Those were the days. My Mother made the clothes by the stacks and I made the bodies. I am going to be putting out some of the little angels we made. I found a box of the compontents and as soon as I finish altering Aunt Mary's vests and finish the Mind Wide Open challenge piece this week, I am going to start putting them together and posting them on ETSY.
I have spent the afternoon blog hopping and found some new (to me) cottage chic blogs. One is .
They are launching a new magazine on Sept.25. I think it is worth the time to hop over and check them out. I can't wait to check out the first issue. I put a button on the side of my blog for you to click on, so hop on over.
It is nearly time for supper and Don is hungry (I am too), so catch you tomorrow. I will have some pictures.
God Bless You.

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