Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well today is the first day in September. I have never been as glad to see a new month as this one. Remind me in January when it is 20 F and i am shivering. Today is my Aunt Mary's 89th birthday. So far she is running 2nd in longevity in my family. She is my mother's younger sister. Mother was 2 weeks from 87 when she died. My grandmother Thompson was 95 when she died and still holds the record in my family. She was my father's mother. All four of my grandparents lived to their mid 80's or longer. Both my parents made it to the mid 80's (Daddy was 85 when he died).
With any luck I should get there myself. Have to wait and see. So far so good. My Aunt Mary is doing good. She has sight problems but lives alone (her daughter lives close by). Her health is really good. Only medicine she takes is a blood pressure pill and one for arthritis. Not bad for 89. Not in this day and time considering the way doctors want to fill your medicine cabinet with pills.
The other reason I am glad to see September is the weather is finally starting to cool down some. Thank you Lord.
Also, Sept 1st means a new challenge at the blog . Gail Schmidt always has an interesting challenge. She gives you a pretty picture and a word prompt and lets you have at it to make anything you want using it. Above is a picture and my entry (a purse) from Sept 2008. She gives you a week or so to do your thing and email an entry to her, then she lists them and lets every one vote for a winner. Lots of fun and lots of beautiful work. And there are prizes for the top 3 favorites.
Check out the challenge, thank God for the cool weather, and A Very Happy Birthday to Aunt Mary.
love Mary

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