Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today I found an old friend. I found out where Teacupstitches is "hiding out". Since I no longer sell on EBAY, I don't go out there but maybe once every couple of weeks just to see what is happening to the cottage chic sites I once watched faithfully. So many folks that were there when I was no longer list items. Once upon a time Teacupstitches listed 10 to 15 items all constantly. She made some of the most beautiful cottage chic items I have ever seen. As far as I am concerned, she set the benchmark for beauty and what was selling in cottage chic items. At auction her items brought huge prices. The last year or so I noticed that she rarely kept more than 2-3 items posted at a time and sometimes none. Frankly, I wondered if she was quitting or what. I am so glad to see that she is still designing and creating beautiful things. She is hosting a give away on her blog. I have a link to the giveaway and her blog. Be sure and check it out. She is also listing items for sale at http://www.victoriarosecottage.com/ . Some really pretties out there too. I glad we haven't lost Lynn's talent. She is truely a gifted artist.
God's Grace to you,


Debbi said...
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Debbi said...

try this again....my first post had a ton of spelling errors--it pays to proof read before you hit send!

I remember Lynn from ebay too..talented and very friendly gal. I sold there for several years too until they raised the fees and changed the feedback rules:( I only pop over there to buy supplies now and then, so lost track of who sells there still. I think most of the small shop sellers have gradually gave ebay "da boot" and moved to etsy or their own websites which is what I did, and never regretted it for a moment! I certainly dont miss those high fees!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have so many pillows and Christmas stockings from Teacup Stitches...I loved her ebay site...it was wonderful. I have save her blog now and I thank you for leading her to me once again.

Also, Mary, I want to thank you so much for sharing a memory, a time in your life and an ongoing struggle in your life..with me. Also, I am so pleased to hear that you have found your mate. It does matter at all what age you are...you have found him and I am delighted for you!