Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today I have been cruising blog world clicking on links at other folks blogs, I guess you could say just prowling around.  The one thing I usually look at on a blog is the hometown of the blog.  It is amazing to me that some blogs don't give you a clue where they are located while other blogs incorporate their location in the header or background or name.  Well in case any of you wonder where I am, here it is. I live in Montevallo Alabama in the central (almost dead center) part of Alabama.  My little town is almost 200 years old. We have a national Veterans Cemetary here. We have a beautiful University here (University of Montevallo) that started out nearly 200 years ago as a womans teaching school.  In fact it was 'all girls' unitl some time in the early 1960's when it went 'co-ed'.  I didn't live here then. We (my family) bought property here in 1974 and moved here in February 1976. I was born and raised in Birmingham (East Lake section) so moving to Montevallo was moving (35 miles) way out in the country to us. The first week here (I was still working in B'ham) I was pulled over by police for not stopping for a school bus. I had stopped (on a four lane road) but since there were no kids on my side I went on. Right in front of a police man. Dumb huh??? He said "lady, you stopped, why did you go on?? I said why not ?? There was no one on my side??  He said where are you from??I said Birmingham, we just moved down here last week. He very patiently explained the laws about school buses and asked don't you have school buses in Birmingham?? I told him no, we ride the street cars (we really did).At that time there were no "school buses" in B'ham.  He gave me a warning and let me go and told me he had better not catch me failing to "stop and stay put at a school bus" again.  He really was very nice and could have given me a stiff ticket. 
Anyway, I have decided to put a button or widget or pic (whatever) on my blog so folks will know where I am located.  I wish more people would. I like to visit other place (towns and countries) and since I don't travel much anymore I have to do it on the "web". Here are a few pics of places nearby.
All are within 5 miles of my house. This is the American village.  You can visit them at and if you are ever down here it is a beautiful place to visit in person.
Well, I was going to add some pics of the area, but blogger is acting up and won't let me.  I will show more pics later.
For now May God keep you Close.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Gosh Mary, I guess if we all realized how easy it is for anyone to find out where we are by just doing a Google we might be more forthcoming with where we live ! I don't think I have my city listed on my blog, but all you have to do is go to my webshop to find me.
Maybe I will do a post with some photos... thanks for sharing with us I enjoyed it !

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Someone told me not to give out my town. I'm not sure of the reason though. Anyway I live in a lovely town in Massachusetts not far from the New Hampshire border and about fifty minutes from Maine. Very typical New England.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Thank you for sharing some of your home town history! I live in a small town in Massachusetts - it's classic New England, and I love it!