Monday, December 13, 2010


Today the sky is clear and oh so verrry coooold.  For Alabama the high outside my front door is supposed to get all the way up to 32F.  Oh that is sooooo warm LOL.  It looks sunny and warm but oh it isn't. The weathermen are still saying we will have a chance for freezing rain by Wednesday morning.  I hope not.  Alabamians do NOT do well with freezing rain or ice.  And on top of that it has been years since we have had any.  The nitwits here think it is just clear snow. I will NOT leave my house period.  Having broken a wrist when I was in college on ice I know better.  I may be hard headed but not THAT hard headed. It hurt. I can still remember it propped up on pillows in my grandmother's bed with blankets draped over it to keep it warm.  It hurt.  That was the last time I ever remember the doctor coming to the house. It was January 1966. Brother have times changed since then.  I wasn't even doing something silly then, I was standing still watching for traffic and my brothers were up the street at the top of the hill waiting for me to give the 'all clear' so they could make a run down the hill (five blocks) on their new sled. I gave the signal and turned to watch them and my feet flew out from under me and I landed on my left wrist.  The sad part was I was a music major at Samford University and my major instrument was the viola.  Now you can see the significance of breaking the left wrist.   I never had a decent vibrato again.
Oh well the twists and turns of life.  That is all I will say about snow today. And ice.
Now about giveaways.  Heirloom Gypsy is have a delightful giveaway.  Some keys, a pinafore (beautiful), a silver spoon ornament and  vintage crochet trim and lace and last but not least a demitasse cup and saucer.  So hurry over and get your name in the pot and check out all the other pretties she has. The button is in the upper right hand corner and here is a link .
Now about Christmas. As you can see from my Christmas countdown widget above it is less than 2 weeks til Christmas.  I was out Saturday morning about 10 AM and there was hardly anyone at the grocery store or on the road.  I guess the hard financial times have every where.  They have hit us, for sure.  We have to be careful with penny.  This year I am sending out Christmas cards and not buying but a couple of gifts.  I have the stamps left from last year and the cards, too, for that matter. I like to stay in touch with friends and relations that live far away. We rarely see each other any more except at funerals.  No more of the visits atleast once a year like when I was young.  Most of us are getting too old to travel much on our own.  And oddly enough the ones of us left don't have hardly any children to take us places like my parents did for their parents.  Hadn't really thought about that until just now.  My husband never had any children, I don't have any children, most of my cousins in Tennessee don't have any children.  Weird how so many of us never even married or married late in life (like I did at 62), yet all of us were raised old fashion to not have children without benefit of marriage.  I guess we are a literally a dying generation.  Well so much for the pensive thoughts for this time of the year.  We must remember what this season celebrates. The birth of our Lord and Savior. 


Rebecca said...

Good Morning MaryGirl!

Merry Christmas with a CAPITAL "C"! :)

For me Christmas is all about Jesus. I'm incredibly blessed and more than anything I love celebrating the birth of my Lord...He changed my life.

Blessings to you this day. Thank you for visiting me. It's cold here in Oklahoma but it's NOT 32 degrees. For that I'm thankful! This CaliGirl can't handle anything below 60. I'm such a whimp!


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hello Mary!
I just could not believe it when I heard that Alabama had received snow!! Brrrrrr!!
I have slipped on the ice, too, but luckily I did not break any bones. I just remember landing on my elbows and wrenching my shoulders! (Maybe that's why I have had such problems with my shoulders in these latter years of my life!)
I am also a nurse and have cared for hundreds of patients who slipped on the ice and suffered severe fractures! You are soo wise to just stay inside until the ice has melted.
I am still tidying my house and just beginning to decorate. I hope to find a tree today. I have been looking, but the only ones I see are too short for my liking. I need a nine footer! We cut a foot and a half off the bottom for fresh greenery for bouquets etc and cutting that much off also gives the tree a fresh cut to suck up lots of water.
I wish for you warm weather and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!
God Bless,
Warm hugs, Laura

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Mary, I'm back!
I was born in 1960 so I was a tiny girl when my oldest brother, Jack (11 1/2 years older) listened to Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, Duane Eddy, Johnny Horton to name just a few. I still love that music! I am sure that I wore his Del Shannon "Little Town Flirt" LP out playing the songs over and over again. I especially love the violins in the song "Happy". I was so excited a few years ago when I was able to buy the CD for myself for my birthday!! I gave a copy to my big brother Jack, too!
How lucky that you got to see Del in concert! I never had a canse to see him, but I did manage to see another idol of mine....saw him and his brothers in concert three times!!! Who was he??? Donny Osmond!!! It was one of the highlights of my life!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and suggesting the baking soda for polishing. I'll try it out for sure!!!
Warm hugs from eastern Ontario Canada! Laura

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I have a cousin who lives in Alabama, and she has such funny stories of Southern people driving in snow and ice! She's from New England. Ice can be dangerous to anyone, it doesn't know region! Black ice is especially dangerous! If you do venture outside - BE CAREFUL! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I enjoyed my visit today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!
Thank you for participating in my giveaway and sharing it on your own lovely blog:) I really enjoyed reading your latest're absolutely right - this cold weather just won't do for us Southern ladies! Give me warm weather and sunshine and I'm happy.
Well, I have become your newest follower and look forward to talking with you soon.

Mariette said...

Dearest Mary,

Thanks for following me and you see, I returned the favor!

Merry CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones!

Mariette's Back to Basics

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

You are so right about Southerners and ice or snow, they just do not understand it and try to drive as usual (which isn't all that anyway LOL)
Wishing you a blessed and joyful Christmas.

rosarod said...

Hi, thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog. You're right, Christmas is Christ. That gives meaning to our lives, I wish that this Christmas you and your whole fam. The holiday season always brings fond and nostalgic memories, are highly blessed, Rose Marie