Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well after days of waiting and preparing the time has come. As far as the forecast goes, my little plot in the world is sitting on the line between heavy snow (1-8 inches) and 1/4 to 1/2 inches of ice.  Personally I will take snow. I have NO plans on leaving the house from after lunch today until Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. All I pray for is the power to stay on.  If we keep power we will survive like fat pampered cats.  I really and truely feel for all the police, fire, EMT's, and hospital and ambulance folks that HAVE to be out in this stuff. Been there, got the shirt, the pins, the hat and the hurting joints.  I worked in a hospital ER (only as a clerk/aid) thru some of our worst snow and ice events. Been hauled into work (when it was my off days) in an ambulance and police car (my only trips in either one in my life) because they needed more help.  I told them then if they wanted me they had to come get me. Darn if the didn't send a police car to ferry me part of the way and an ambulance carried me the rest.LOL  I didn't mind going into work but I WAS NOT driving my car on snow and ICE. We had about 6 inches of snow with ICE above and below the snow.  My Mama and Daddy didn't raise no fool and my insurance man would have killed me. I ended up staying at the hospital that time 4 days before I got to come home.  It was unbelievable how many people managed to show up in the ER when if you didn't have chains you really could not get around the hills here. Another time when I was working in ICU one of the RN's and I started home at 11:30 PM and it was barely spitting snow and the weather men said that was all it should do, so they let us go home. Martha and I still laugh about that trip.  I only had 6 miles to go and she had 4 more past my place. We got about 4 miles from the hospital and it was snowing so hard the windsheild wipers couldn't keep up. I was the passenger so rolled my window down and stuck my head out to see if I could see the side of the road. We made it to my place, she dropped me off at the mailbox (we had a long driveway ~ this was out in the country) and she decided to keep going. I wanted her to stay, but she went on.  She did make it home.  That was in APRIL of 1980 or 1981. We got about 4 inches of snow that night and the next day my Father and I went out in the horse pasture and took a picture of me standing with snow way up above my knees and holding a sign saying "APRIL IN ALABAMA". He sent it to his WWII B-17 co-pilot that was born and raised and lived near Detroit, Michigan. He always teased Daddy about the sunny hot south and how Daddy had never seen a REAL winter. I wish I had a copy of that picture.  It looked like I was standing in nearly 30 inches of snow because the winter grass was already so high and the snow was laying on top of the grass.  It was the latest snow central Alabama had ever had.
Well, according to the weather service (NWS-BHM) the low has formed in the Gulf off Texas just like they said it would. It is already moving into Mississippi. The cold air is in place (it went down in the low 20's last nite) and now we wait and see. As long as we have power I will keep you posted here and on facebook (look for Mary Albrethsen) with updates and pics.
May God have mercy on us.

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Pam said...

Thanks so much for dropping my little corner Mary. I do appreciate it and thank you for following as well.
I'm so glad I was able to inspire you so much, though I was very surprised to hear I'd done so! You did hit the nail on the head to a great point too. I'm quite organised within my studio, but as you say, I do become "bogged down in the quicksand of indecision and hunting stuff I want to work with" because I have so much "stuff".

Wishing you all the best for a very creative and organised year ahead....and with all that snow and ice!! eek! Never get the stuff in my part of Queensland Aust, but at the moment we're drowning in very unseasonal rain that has been going on for months and will continue for more to come! I think Mother Nature has had enough of mankind treating her the way he has, and is starting to kick back.....but then that's another story!! :))