Friday, January 7, 2011


Well, the weathermen (and women) are using those 4 letter cuss words that start with 's' and end with 'w' and have had the nerve to add a new one with 3 letters that starts with 'i' and ends with 'e'.  If there is ever a single word that can strike fear in a southerner's heart it is 'ice'.  Ice in the south means people getting hurt, power outages, falling tree limbs on cars and houses (and sometimes even people). I can deal with snow. At my age I just stay inside and look out the windows and take pictures from the front door and the back sliding door.  I don't go out.  Ah, but 'ice' ain't no fun in the South. People keep on thinking they can treat it like rain and get out on it in cars and trucks. Just 'cuz you think you can go ANYWHERE in a 4 wheel drive DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN ON ICE ! ! ! Now our power lines are underground in our little community, the main power lines out on the highway are on wooden poles that break when that 4W SUV hits them.  And there goes the power. This is the first major storm since I switched from a propane stove to all electric.  I wish I still had my propane.  If you can keep hot food going even if you don't have heat, and you will survive.  I just could not afford all the set up costs for propane when I moved the doublewide. It also means my gas fireplace does not do anything but look pretty any more.  So I will make sure all the jogging sweats are clean, and the heavy socks.  I have plenty of battery lanterns, candles to heat the fondu pots of soup and pre-made coffee that I will set on my useless electric stove. Battery radios will keep us connected to the outside world.  
I had to stop writting and go with Don to the store (Walmart) and do my best to keep him from buying  Coleman stove (I explained we didn't have a covered deck to cook on, therefore, the deck would be covered with ICE and we couldn't go out to cook, hence no need for cook stove). We have a gas grill sitting  out there already that we won't be able to get to for cooking because of UNCOVERED deck. LOL This is his first experience with ice in Alabama. Where he is from snow and ice are common everyday occurance and he just doesn't see why I get stessed out over it. That is why I have bread, peanut butter, Pringles, KFC chicken, Vienna sausages, cookies, deli turkey breast, etc.etc. and will make a couple of pots of coffee that we will only have to heat.
 This AM when I started typing this blog they were predicting 4-6 inches of snow/ice. Now at 6PM they are saying 6-10 inches of snow/ice and maybe more ice than snow. Experience says that they will either be VERY right or it won't do anything.  We had that once. They kept saying we were going to get inches of snow and NOTHING happened here but further south (Montgomery and south) they got 8 inches of snow.  In Alabama you NEVER put money on the weather forecast. 
Now to all you sweet folks that prayed for my Aunt Mary, I have an update.  I finally was able to go see her Thursday. I had talked to her every day but this was the first time to see her.  She has a fantastic shiner and a few stitches where she lost the fight with the door handle to the pantry when she fell. She getting up and walking in physical therapy (aided, NOT alone yet). I took a pic of her so you all can see her. She will kill me if she ever finds out I posted it on the internet, she didn't have her teeth in or any makeup on.  She had just gotten her hair fixed and her nails look great, so she was partially happy. 

 I think considering surgery and stitches and her age, she looks great. She is ready to go and doesn't slow down talking. She seemed in good spirits. So far so good.  She likes to be around people and has never met a stranger so in that respect she seems happy.  I hope so.  She said the pain pills have made her sleep good and she was happy with that.  I printed off your comments and took them to her and read them.  She was thrilled that folks from New England and other parts of the states and one lady from Singapore took the time to pray for her and write a note to someone they had never met.  It made her day. I thank each and everyone of you for your time and prayers. They mean a lot to her and to me.
I will keep you posted on her journey and the weather.
  I did not realize until I got home that I never took a picture of the vest that I made her for Christmas.  I hope Sheryl will take a pic with her phone so you can see it.  It came rather nice even if I did the work and design on it.  If Sheryl takes a pic I will post here.
May God shed His Blessing and Peace on each of you.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Glad your Aunt Mary is on the mend. She has beautiful skin!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Hi Mary, when I think of Southern's dealing with ice all that comes to mind is a "puppy on ice" - my friend from Vermont moved to Virginia and she refuses to drive because no one knows what they're doing down there with ice & snow! So true about ice and driving a 4x4 - ice is ice even with a 4x4! If you go outside, just take it slow and watch your step! I'm also happy to hear your Aunt Mary is doing well. Were you named after her?