Sunday, May 22, 2011


This has been a crazy week, well, actually 2 weeks.  There have been high points and low points.  I finally finished Barbara's t-shirt quilt.  Without any more disasters. I mean it was getting to be one of those 'what's going to happen next' weeks !! And trust me saying something like that is tempting fate.  In fact you rarely EVER hear me say that, because it has been my experience that when you say 'what's going to happen next' you find out in a hurry. 

Disaster number 1 ~
 While I was working on the quilt, I burned my fingers on my quilting hand.  Such a dumb move.  Cooking spaghetti, I broke it in half (Hubby does NOT like long strings of spaghetti) and some of it broke some 1 inch or less pieces that fell on the ceramic stove top (for those of you in Rio Linda as Rush Limbaugh would say, is a stove top of glass?? with no regular eyes, just heating elements under the glass).  It makes a great work area because it is flat and easy to clean. Which is probably how I got in trouble, because without thinking (something my Hubby says I do TOO OFTEN these days) I brushed the pieces away from the heat area with my finger tips. WRONG MOVE !!!! Didn't burn them bad, immediately plunged them into ice water (since I no longer have an Aloe Vera plant) ( must get a new one). They were tender for a couple of days and didn't even blister up either.

Disaster number 2 ~
I ran out of dishwasher soap tablets and figured I could use regular liquid dish soap. Before you fall in the floor laughing, I only put a TEASPOON of soap in the container. Ajax lemon scented.  It is absolutely amazing how much suds a teaspoon of Ajax can make. Hubby said it reminded him of the old 'I LOVE LUCY' show where the washing machine overflowed with suds. I am sorry guys I didn't take pics.  It didn't overflow (thank you Lord !!) because I heard the muffled swish of the dishwasher and opened the door.  Suds were 6 -8 inches deep and I started bailing with a butter dish, and bailing and bailing. I finally figured out where the draining started right before the rinse cycle and repeated that  6-7 times until I got it all drained out while splashing COLD water to wash away the suds. All this time I had the oven going with Hubby's pumpkin pie cooking and it must have been 85-90 degrees in the kitchen.  A real nightmare in the daytime. Hubby came to the kitchen door to find out what all the swearing was about and beat a hasty retreat for cover.  Moral to that story is DO NOT USE REGULAR LIQUID DISH SOAP IN THE DISHWASHER. ( and it didn't even get the dishes clean on top of that)!!!

This next week has to be better.   I will keep you posted. 
Here is another freebie pic. As far a I know it is in the public domain since it was painted over a hundred years ago.  I think it is pretty. I really like Edmund Blair Leighton. If he were alive today he would be painting covers for romance novels. When I look at his work, they start my mind creating a story around the pictures, even if I don't know who the subject was.  He loved medieval and Regency subjects.  And I love his work.
Anyway, here it is. Enjoy it and maybe make something pretty with it.
God bless all of you.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

oh my ... well guess we have all had days/weeks like that. Now may it be smooooth sailing from now on !


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Hi there! I haven't been by in a while, just stopping by to say hello!

Sorry about your fingertips! Ouch, that must have hurt! Hope they feel better soon.

I burst out laughing over the dish soap in the dish washer! I did that when I was a kid!!! We had suds everywhere!!!

Would love to see that t-shirt quilt you made, it sounds lovely!

Have a great and relaxing day - you've earned it!