Saturday, May 14, 2011


Rebecca over at "A Gathering Place" is having a give away tomorrow ~5/15.  I slipped up on this one.  I didn't find it until last nite and was too tired to do any posting.  So here we go.  Rebecca has some of the prettiest Cottage Chic beauties have ever seen.  She is an inspiration to anyone who loves to create beautiful cottage chic items.  Above all though, she is a beautiful Christian 'lady'.  Her blog is an inspiration to find comfort in.  So before this day is over, hurry on over to Rebecca's "A Gathering Place", check out her giveaway !!  It ends tonite Sun nite 5/15 at 11pm central time. 
I am not certain I loaded the button correctly, so, I am giving you a link too.
Just to be sure you can hop right on over to her site. 

Here is something new I am going to start doing ~ giving away a freebie vintage picture today.  I have collected ever so many. 
You may use it how ever you like.  As far as I know, it is in the public domaine.

It is called "The Windmiller's Guest" by Edmund Blair Leighton.  I love historical romances and I think a really good book could be written around this picture. Have any of you ever been inside one of these windmill's before.  I got to tour one in Michigan many years ago. They are so beautiful and romantic to me. Especially when set in a field of tulips.  I have always wanted to tour Holland too!! 
So much for today! Don't forget Rebecca's giveaway. Have fun with this picture. 
God Blessings on you and your families.

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