Friday, August 26, 2011


First things first.  I am back, finally.  I still haven't recovered much from my computer's meltdown, but I am slowly finding my favorite blogs and sites and some new ones along the way. I truely would not wish a meltdown with no good backup on ANYONE !!  Later on I am going to post some pics from some sites I had collected and can't remember whose work it is. There are 2 such pics of some things I really liked and would like to watch her progress, but lost her blog site in my meltdown and crash.  That's for later.
Now I am going to tell you about one of the largest 'giveaways' I have ever seen for folks that like to work with paper.  Amy at  is a blog giveaway in which she will give one lucky person in this whole wide world 1000 sheets of 6x6 inch decorative, scrapbooking, altered art type papers.  But that is not all!!  She is giving away  several second prizes of 200 6x6 sheets and a stamp.  To be truthful while I would be set for life if I won the big prize of a 1000 sheets, I probably, no would be just as happy with one of the second prizes.  I am very stamp poor and don't have hardly any money to buy stamps with, so winning a free stamp (all of them are beautiful!!) would be great for me even if it didn't have 200 sheets of paper.  I have really gotten into the card, tag, journal and scrapbooking thing lately. It's fun, quick, and I like being part of a challenge. You get to meet folks from all over the world and it really doesn't cost so much to have fun.  You get to create something new in a hurry and then see what everyone else did with the same prompt you had.  Fun!! So now you should hop on over to Amy's site and check it out and leave a comment and an entry on your blog if you want a chance at all that paper.  The last day to enter is Sept 23 and the drawing will be on Sept 24,2011. Here is your link Come on a join the fun ~ the more, the merrier!!!

JULY 16, 2011 THRU SEPT 23,2011

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Hey Mary ! glad you are back, I am too sorta LOL.
Hope you win a stamp .. in the meantime send me you snail mail addy I have a few extras...