Saturday, September 3, 2011


I just happened across a blog with a giveaway of such great candy (stamps ~ paper ~ embellishments) that I couldn't resist entering one more giveaway.  This one ends Sept 4 and the drawing is Sept 5, so you don't have much time to enter, but oh it would be worth it if you (or I ) win. Amy @ Paper Trails Leavings is have a really really great giveaway.  You just have today and tomorrow to enter so don't even think about it twice.  This is the kind of giveaway that even if you have a lot of 'stuff' already this blog candy would make a great addition. So here is the link  and the picture. Go see her.

  She has beautiful art to look at and be inspired.  
While I have just about every SEWING plaything known to man (except an embroidery machine) I have very (very very ) little in the way of die cuts, stamps, ink, embossers, charms, stickers (and on and on ) that helps to make all these beautiful altered art, mixed media, scrapbook, and cards I keep seeing in blog land.  So I keep entering the candy giveaways. I have won one which has only poured gasoline to my papercrafts fire.  Not only did it have lots of goodies to MAKE papercrafts it also had tags, a journal, and lots of other already made pieces in it.  That  ready make pieces were great because I could touch and study each piece to see how it was put together.  That has helped tremendously because I don't have the money to take classes (which I would give anything to do) and to buy things, especially things I might not really need. So now you guys will understand why I enter so many give aways. Somebody is going to win each one of them and maybe I will win a couple with stamps and ink and diecuts I could really use.
Now you know the rest of my story.  I am really picky.
Wish me luck and pray it really does rain in my neck of the Alabama woods this next week. 
God's Blessings on all of you.

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