Monday, September 5, 2011


Well another Monday finds me entering a tag for Tag Tuesday  just under the wire one more time.  I have had it on my work table for 4 days to glue together and just didn't get it done. Been getting ready for our tropical storm Lee to bring us some much MUCH needed rain. He has and I am happy.  Back to the challenge, there are more entries this time than before which is great, the more the merrier.  So check it out for some great art work from some really talented folks. 
I was in a pink sorta mood.  Still am.  I am having trouble glueing ribbons and lace to both painted and non painted card stock. I punched to holes behind the bow, run a thread thru the back of the flower and thru the holes and tied it on, and then added some more glue to make sure the knot wouldn't come undone.  What kind of glue do you all use to glue lace, fabric and ribbon on card stock (painted with acrylic paints or plain)????  Tacky glue and glue sticks don't work!!.  Thanks for any help.
Now for a new giveaway!!  This one ends Sept 9th so once again not much time!!!
Wow!! she has bunches of stamps and flowers etc 8 dies, bunches and bunches of great stuff.  She is celebrating her 2nd aniversary of her blog.  Lots of great art to look at on her blog too!!  Bunch of folks have entered so you KNOW the prize is huge.  Come on over, I always like company and she doesn't have a huge bunch of hoops to jump thru to enter. Here is pic of the prize and there is a detailed list on the blog. 
So here is several things to do on a quiet holiday afternoon. Hope you all have a great Labor Day and God Bless all of you.

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BelleSouth said...

A luscious pink Tag, Mary!