Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have been out in blogland this morning prowling around and catching up on some of my fav blogs and have been TRYING to leave comments. They just evaporate when I click post. Poof and they are gone. What the heck is going on now.  Yesterday I could leave comments. Today I can't. Maybe I am being told to keep my mouth shut. I was being nice. When I see something that strikes my fancy and is pretty or inspirational I try to leave a comment. I like to get comments and I am sure others do too. It makes my day just to get one. It shows somebody, somewhere cares. I care. There are some of the most talented folks on earth out there in blogland, and now something on my blog won't let me tell them they are great. I bet that is where the problem is. Blogger strikes again. I will keep trying.
Love to all of you even if I can't personally leave it on your blog right now.


rosarod said...

Hi mary, Note that on two occasions I mentioned and then not see them. was also difficult to leave, well, to me has happened to tdo with bloguerrs, so I hope this will solve soon. greetings. Rose M.

Debbi said...

Mary, if you are using Internet Explorer browser, that could be the problem. You might try Mozilla Firefox. Easy to download and lots less problems!

Mari said...

Sorry to hear your having trouble leaving comments, I hope the problem is an easy one to solve, Have a great day :)


Heather said...

Mary~ You are soooo quick!! Thankyou for visiting my blog..and helping spread the word of the Gecko Galz blog hop!!

Heather said...

I have this problem sometimes...I think it could be the browser I use (google chrome). It tends to save cookies (techy term..and I am not that techy). But what I do when this occurs. Right before I hit publish...I copy my comment. If it vanishes...then I refresh the page, and then paste the comment again. That normally works.
As Debbi said...Mozilla Firefox works really well. I have found when I am editing my blog, I use firefox when adding gadgets. It works everytime.