Monday, January 16, 2012


I have spent the last week on 'the great hunt'!  The fabric page I showed you last week has disappeared.  I mean it is in 'Mary's Land of the Lost' ~ that is what my mother used to call things that I was using, working on, working with, wanting to work on, etc., etc. that just disappeared!!  As long as I can remember I have lost things. Sometimes I find them fairly soon, sometimes it is weeks, months, years, and sometimes NEVER.
I photographed the page right here on my computer desk. (something I have NEVER done before). I thought it would make it easy ~ I was going to crop it anyway, after all it was a sheet of fabrics (moire and batiste) 15 inches by 8 inches.  Not a scrap of fabic easily lost (LOL) ~ anyway that is what I thought!!!  Gone ~ I can not find hide nor hair as the old saying goes.  Just gone!!  In my mind I can remember taking the pics and then my mind just goes blank. Nada ~ nothing ~ no image in my mind of what I did next !!!! I started looking for it just a couple of hours later when the new stitch was posted on Pin Tangle. I was going to be so good this time and do the new stitch right away and get that behind me so I could work on my piece for the CRAZY QUILT JOURNAL PROJECT.  I was NOT going to wait til the last minute. No sir! I was going to turn over a new leaf for this year and NOT WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE.  Oh well, best laid plans of mice and man. 
So here I am with a whole new page and I am starting over. Here is my rendition of the buttonhole stitch.  Like I said last week I am really rusty on forming my stitches, but !!! I have been doing -some a little practice. 
So here it is ~  not much to write home about.  But it will improve ~ can't go anywhere but better.  Now if I could remember how to keep from sticking my finger with these needles ~ I don't remember them being so SHARP!!!  Oh well atleast I haven't gotten blood on the fabric !!!
Til next week ~ May God shed his Blessings on all of you!


crazyQstitcher said...

LOL your story sounds soooo familiar I wonder if we are maybe related.

bluemuf said...

Your stitching is coming along nicely. The more you do the easier it becomes.


shirley said...

This post gave me a good chuckle we must be sisters with the same sort of brain...I am forever doing that. Still haven't found my hearing aids from my last move.....and this morning I was definitely going to sketch before I started stitching....but where is it...probably in Mary's Land of Lost with all your stuff

Rebecca said...

Sisters separated at birth!!!! Love your stitchery!


Susan said...

I lose things all the time, also. I will have JUST had it in my hand, and suddenly, it's gone! I'm rusty, also, but your stitches don't seem very rusty-looking to me. I think we are our own worst critics!

Nicola said...

It's crazy how we can misplace things sometimes. I worry that I am going to have Alzeimers (probably spelt that wrong) but I am hoping my forgetfulness is down to the menopause.