Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday a nice lady commented on my last blog entry and suggested I check out her blog and a quilt show she is hosting.  I did. Wow is it going to be something !!  Here is the link  There is going to be a link party, show quilting, voting and a fantastic selection of gifts. Even if the only thing concerning 'crazy quilting' you like is just to look at the finished pieces, it would be worth your time. I am going to go thru my own work and see if I can get a couple of pieces finished for the judging. Thearica also has an ETSY shop with lots of vintage embellishments for crazy quilters and mixed media artists.   She just opened her ETSY shop in Dec 2011 and it would be worth the time to visit and check out the buttons, lace, pins  and charms for sale.
Now I have to get back to work and stitch, stitch, stitch !!

Also, Say a prayer for my nephew Matt that got hurt in Dec while working on the North Slope in Alaska. They are sending him from Anchorage to Denver for 3 months of rehab. Hopefully, he will walk out of the Denver rehab and not need a wheelchair. Your prayers are gratefully appreciated.

God's Blessing to all you !!


Thearica said...

Mary... Thank you so much for the great shout out!

I will be sending prayers and healing thoughts from NC!

Bohemian said...

First let me hold your Nephew Matt up in Prayer with you that he receive a Healing Touch and that his rehab goes smoothly and quickly.

Secondly let me thank you for visiting and giving me that info about Insurance Companies... I was wondering if there was help at a State level that assists consumers who are having Insurance Nightmares? I'll definitely look into that. The problem with procuring new Insurance is that if you've had a Claim in the last 2 years most of the other Companies use that as a disqualifier!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Holding Matthew up in prayer (())
and praying your new year will be very blessed.

Donna said...

Thank you for allowing us to pray for Matt. Wonderful news to hear he's going to rehab. Now, we will be waiting for a photo of him walking out of the facility and going home!