Thursday, May 24, 2012


I don't comment on the news very often in my blog, but this news story from ABC NEWS just set my red hair on flames. I don't like to read much news today because it is soooo depressing. Murder, mayhem, drugs, politicos that don't have a clue about anything but breaking laws right and left. That is all you see, then along comes this story and it just makes a person want to rip someone's hair out. 
This woman who is the principal should be FIRED!!  She is the epitome of what is WRONG in education these days.  These kids (according to the story) did everything right : they had a police escort, they didn't break ANY LAWS, they didn't hurt anyone, they didn't do ANYTHING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, so where does that idiot come up with a right to even voice a comment on their bike ride let alone SUSPEND THEM AND THREATEN TO NOT ALLOW THEM TO ATTEND GRADUATION.  If the city fathers (and mothers) in Michigan leave that woman lording it over that school ~shame on them. Who gave her that much power on what people do AWAY FROM SCHOOL.  Thank God she is in Michigan and not in Alabama. There were problems in schools 50 years ago when I attended but we DID NOT HAVE IDIOTS like that woman running things. I would NEVER let a child of mine attend a public school today.  The biggest reason is they DO NOT receive a decent education. From my experience with younger folks today is most of them can't read, do simple math, and can't work out simple problems.  It is so sad. It is NOT the children's fault. The powers that be (education unions, education boards, teachers, professors, the folks that control education standards) are totally to blame.  They have their own agendas to change social structures and have used their positions to do it. And now we are reaping what they have planted in our schools. And we let them. And there may not be a way to undo the disaster that they (and we by our complacency) have allowed to happen. I hope the mayor and school board give that woman a much needed vacation and find someone to run that school with at least 2 brain cells to rub together. 
Now I am going to take a deep breath and cool off drinking a cup of coffee. I wish each one of those kids a good life. Their future and their life is ahead of them.  May God bless each one of them.

Well after I posted the above I went back to ABCNEWs to check the link above and found out the old girl apologized.  You really have to read it.
She thinks she "might have over reacted". Fire her rear end. I wouldn't trust the saftey and well being of any child being under her control. She needs a tranqilizer or a pyramid to sit in, or to try Yoga, something to calm her down and to chill out.  She doesn't need to be a high school principal. I hope she gets some help soon. She needs it.
Mary ~ chillin' in Alabama


Donna said...

You go girl! There needs to be more of us who speak out against these idiots who are trying to be Stalin's. We are in California - the worst Nanny State in the Union. And, the idiots here elected Jerry Brown - AGAIN - like he didn't hurt the state enough the last time around! I agree with what you wrote here!

Go get 'em, Tigress!


Sheila said...

I agree! The trouble with the leaders at these schools now is that they have NO common sense. It is utterly ridiculous.