Friday, May 18, 2012


I was visiting over at "Random Creativity" to check out her posts (which I always enjoy) and her giveaway she just listed. The giveaway looks great with lots of butterfly crafts ~ tags, a journal, scented candle and lots more butterfly thingies. But what really caught my attention was the cover of her new childrens book "Molly and the Chocolate Crumb Race" . I checked out the Amazon listing and apparantly it is only in a kindle edition.  I guess I am going to have to break down and get a kindle.  Personally I love to hold a book in my hands, but I also realize how hard it is to get a book published in paper. I would really love to read this book.  Here is the blurb from Amazon :

Book Description

Publication Date: May 14, 2012

"Molly And The Chocolate Cookie Crumb Race" is about three field mice who risk entering the country church during Sunday services. Molly, Purcey and Charlie race each other every Sunday to the chocolate cookie crumbs that are usually always under the third pew on the right. Molly loves chocolate cookie crumbs very much and she really likes to win the race. Molly also enjoys listening to the children's messages about God and his love. She wonders if God loves her, since most people don't seem to like mice.
Does that not sound delightful?  I will find a way to read this book.  I think just on the basis of the content on Random Creativity's blog and this intro from Amazon that this book would be a good book for children (and adults) to read. Cindy Adkins also has a great review of the book. Here is a link to Amazon
With all the garbage on TV and in the libraries published for kids it is nice to see a good book come along for children. Now I am off to see who of my friends has a kindle I can borrow.  Maybe the library in Montevallo has something. I let you all know what I find.  And congrats to Linda on having her book published.  It is NOT an easy task these days.
May God bless each of you and have a safe weekend.


Linda M. said...

WOW Mary, I was stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments. I had no idea you were going to post all about me. Thank you so much. Amazon does have a free Kindle reader that you can download onto your computer. The information about it is located under the Amazon book description on the lower right side of the page. Thank you again so much for helping me celebrate! Joyous Wishes, Linda

Donna said...

Yes, Mary, Check out the free download you put on your computer. Then you may download them and read at your leisure - That's what I use right now and I love it. Although I have a laptop, I still don't take it to bed with me so that's a draw back. And, many author's will offer their books for free at different times, so, keep track of that as well!

Going to go check out your friends blog. Thank you!


Linda M. said...

Hi Mary, I wanted to let you know that Amazon will be doing a promotion for my book starting tomorrow, it will be offered free as Donna mentioned. Wishing you a wonderful day! Linda

Linda M. said...

Mary, When you get a chance please stop by my blog today. I have an award I'd like to give to you. Hope you are having a super day! Joyous Wishes, Linda