Saturday, June 16, 2012


So, after watching everyone else on Pink Saturday, I decided to join the fun.  While still going thru boxes and boxes of stuff from moving (I know it was 7 yrs ago!!) I am STILL unpacking stuff.  This is my latest really interesting discovery ~ Mama's cat pitcher ~ I don't remember her ever actually pouring anything liquid or otherwise out of the pitcher. She just liked cats and bought interesting cat things.  Inside the pitcher I found a dozen plastic and glass pill bottles (empty thank goodness!!) in the pitcher. They dated back to 1965 to the early 1970's.  I'm not really surprised at the bottles because she always saved them to put pins, needles, and tiny loose thingies in them. Yeah my mom was recycling waaaaay before someone coined the term.  Her motto was "waste not, want not" but then you have realize she survived the depression and WW2 rationing. Folks today don't really have a clue about 'making do and doing without'.  Not really, I mean, you might not be able to afford something ~ but atleast it is on the store shelf.  Back then it wasn't on the shelf!! Anyway here's the pics ~ I have no idea who made this as there are NO markings on it. If you know please share with me, I am always curious. 

I included a closeup trying to show the crackling in the finish but I'm not a great photographer.
Hope all the fathers out there have a great weekend, my father died 12 yrs ago and I still stop breathing when I think about it.
Blessings to all of you.
Hugs and Smiles


Donna said...

Dear Mary -

This is adorable! Looks just like a kitty! To have something this beautiful is priceless!

Have a great day, and have a wonderful Sunday!


chubskulit said...

You have a beautiful entry this week.

Happy Pink Saturday. Come and take a peek at my PINK when you get a chance. Enjoy Father's Day!

Createology said...

This is a lovely addition to Pink Saturday. I have never seen a cat pitcher like this.
Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Blogging is just the best.
Happy weekend to you...

Austine Etcheverry said...

Very cute.