Friday, June 22, 2012


Well I came across another bi weekly challenge while visiting the Paper Squirrel
She had posted a tag with a mermaid on it and of course I had to check out. She is on the design team for the bi weekly challenge that starts every other Wednesday at Scrapalicious USA. So I had to check out that site just to see what they do and low and behold the theme this time 'Vacations'. Well I love tall ships, huge sailing ships (not little sailboats) maybe because I have always loved romance novels set in the time period of huge sailing ships and all the romance that surrounds them. Yes I know it was a hard and dangerous life, but this is my dream and my make- believe so it can be a romantic as I want it.  I guess everyone has a 'bucket list' these days and at the very top of mine was to take a week long trip on a 'tall ship'!  
 I recently destroyed my bucket list and let the ashes drift away on a gentle breeze because I finally accepted the fact that I would never get to do anything on my bucket list. I have to admit though that when I see pics of beautiful sailing ships my heart beats a little faster and my mind wanders away to follow that ship.  Recently Abby over at Little Birdie Blessings posted some beautiful tall ships pics and of course I saved them so now we come full circle to Scrapalicious USA's challenge about vacations. I created a tag with my favorite ship and used flags for the words, some yarn and a piece of wallpaper sample I altered and printed out and presto! you have my entry for the current ScrapaliciousUSA challenge.

I can hear the sail popping in the wind and the creak of the ship as it dips and comes up over the next wave, the shout of the men up in the sails and the captain's orders. I can feel the wind on my face and the spray in the air. Oh how I wish I were really there.
God's Blessings to each of you.


Donna said...

Dear Mary,

Don't give up on your bucket list and dreams! Would just being on one of those old sailing ships foot the bill even if it were anchored at the docks? Every year in the Monterey Bay and in San Francisco there is a Schooner (?) that sails up and down the coast, docking at different harbors and allows people to go aboard! There should be something similar on the East Coast as well, and might be something that is doable for you?

Good luck - and dust off that 'bucket list' - we may have to revise it as we get older, but not throw it out!

Lots of hugs, Mary!

Beedeebabee said...

Sweet Mary...I agree with Donna. You never know what tomorrow will bring. You may step onto one of those beautiful ships one day, and not just in your dreams!... Your tag is just beautiful. I love the colors you chose. xo Paulette :)

Paper Squirrel said...

Oh, I do hope you get to fulfill that bucket list and sail on one of those fabulous tall ships! In the meantime, your tag is lovely and truly expresses your heart's desire. Thanks for joining us at Scrapalicious USA's Summertime challenge and thanks for the "shout out" for Paper Squirrel! :-)

Vetori Nash said...

bucket list and sail on one of those fabulous tall ships! In the meantime, your tag is lovely and truly expresses your heart's desire