Saturday, July 7, 2012


Well, we have been roasting down here in Alabama and dry as a bone, but it seems we may have some relief now during 'dog days'. The old saying is ~ whatever weather you have on the first day of 'dog days' is the kind of weather you will have for the next 40 days. Well we had a cooling thunder storm, and so far that will continue. A 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms the rest of this weekend and 40% on into next week with temps in the high 80's to low 90's. After a 107 temp that is fine with me.
I am working on some mini journals and altered art tags for my ETSY shop and will have something to show you later today (maybe) and definitely Sunday and Monday. With the temps so high I don't use my computer so much since I don't have airconditioning where my computer is located (my whole house AC died a couple of years ago and I couldn't afford to fix it). Air conditioning this area (kitchen, breakfast room [where my computer is] and the den is hard since that area has large 9ft open doorways to the front of the house. Bad luck is how expensive it would be to install a door frame and double door (necessary) in that entry way. Money is just too tight and neither Don or I have the skill to do it ourselves. We just hibernate in the master suite (that has a window aircondioner) during the worst of the heat ~ I mean just what's wrong with staying in bed reading etc all day ?? After nearly 50 years of working at 1 to 2 jobs and doing craft shows, I can be lazy with the best of folks.
Well it is thundering in the distance and just started raining so I will say goodbye til later.
My prayers are with all the folks that have endured the fires and storms this last couple of weeks. Keep Calm and Pray. It really does help.


Donna said...

Happy Saturday, Mary! I hope you cool down to a comfortable temp for you and Don.

We are blessed here inland just a bit from the Central Coast. We tend to be warmer during warm times year (late Spring, the Summer and early Fall) yet colder the rest of the times than our counter parts on the coast. Expecting to hit triple digits starting tomorrow, but we always cool down 40+ degrees at night - so no complaining here!

Hope you're able to get things ready for your shop!


Jan Hennings said...

Hello! Thanks for your visit to my blog and for becoming a follower. I really appreciate it :)
The heat here in Iowa has been a scorcher this year..heat indexes of 110 yesterday. Thank goodness for air. Am happy to hear you can find some comfort on the really HOT days and do hope we both get a bit of a break with some gentle rain and cooler temps.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Thinking of you Mary and sure hope we all cool down some (())

Jan Hennings said...

Boy, it sure has been hot here in Iowa, too! About a hundred degrees today and a chance of a thunderstorm. WE need the rain so badly and I hope it rains for a few days :)

Georgie Horn said...

Hi mary, thanks for popping by. Come by anytime!

Donna said...

Hi Mary,

You left a message on my last blog, but you have a noreply-comment so I could not answer you back.

Thank you so much for writing about the jokes. I loved them and had to share!

Do you have an email to share?