Thursday, August 9, 2012


     Well it is still hot hot hot in Alabama (like that's news in August) LOL.  The real news is that Gail over at Shabby Cottage Studio has reopened her Challenge Blog ~ Mind Wide Open after retiring it 2 yrs ago.  That challenge blog and the monthly contests taught me more about creativity with paper and fabric and altered art and mixed media art than any one single spot on the internet blogland. Each month on the 1st she would post an image she created usually with a female(s) subject and lots of color for us her loyal followers to play with. You had a week to create something pretty with the image and ANYTHING GOES ! It can be cloth, paper, glass, plastic, journals, tags, wall hangings, digital, painted, sewed, stapled, ANYTHING. On the 8th day she posts all our pretties at and you our loyal followers get to prowl through the entries and vote on your favorite. OK so here is the original image ~

And here is my creation from that image ~
I decided to do a journal.  The wings for my little girl are from the Graphics Fairy and are actually the wings from 2 different bees. They were such pretty colors that I printed them when she posted them and cut them out for future use and here it is. My lace heart behind the image kinda disappeared but that is life with a camera. I really think Gail's image is very pretty and I will be using it again in the future. 
      Funny thing is one of our local art shows used the picture of a teenager in one their publicity shots to advertise the show and the girl had been face painted with a butterfly in that position on her face. When Mother and I were doing craft shows I usually did face painting to make our space rent and draw folks to look (it ALWAYS worked too) and butterflies was the most favorite image of the girls, but I never painted one around the eyes, it was on the cheeks, shoulders, hands or knees (did a lot knees especially on little kids getting their first painting!).
      Anyway back to the challenge ~ here is the link to vote ~  ~ voting is by leave a comment stating your favorite entry person and voting closes at midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday August 14th and the winners will be posted the next day. 
      I hope each of you will drop by  and leave a vote (if you don't have a blog you can email Gail at ) and next month come join us for the challenge ~ the more the merrier !!!
May God Bless each of you.

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Donna said...

Well, Dear Mary,

I have never visited your friend, so after I finish here I will pop over and see what you are so excited about! Figure maybe I could learn a thing or five or six! Always wanting to learn something new!

You've changed your blog face again, yes? Looks great! I've noticed a few ladies have changed since I've been away. So lovely, I love changes!

Mary, have a marvelous Sunday!