Monday, October 8, 2012


Wow has a lot happened in the last 10 days. I had my 65th birthday last Friday.  I have been crafting again like mad. Been messing with insurance stuff since as of Oct 1, I am now on medicare. It really does feel different to know I now have some kind of health insurance even if it probably won't last for the rest of my life. When you look at how much the gov't (us) is deep in debt, a person with just the basic math skills knows it can't keep on keeping on going. But I will enjoy the security as long as it lasts.

Now to the crafting part. I don't really get into Halloween so much these days. I like the oldfashion Halloween stuff, not the blood and guts kinda sadistic stuff you see out there on the internet these days. When I was a kid we dressed up mostly in old sheets as ghosts, or old clothes as hobos or clowns and just went trick or treating in the neighborhood.  Now a days it is a huge elaborate to do with fancy costumes, fancy parties and a lot mayhem going on out there.  I am not sure I would let a child go trick or treating in the neighborhood these days. I like it where the churches and schools have parties instead. So with all that in mind I decided to try my hand at making some fancy gift or trick or treat bags for Halloween. Of course I started at Karen's blog the Graphic's Fairy and found the perfect black cat. Back to my birthday last year the cat of the hour.

Here is the original pic:

Here is the cropped pic:

and here is the finished gift bag:

I found some beautiful black paper doilies at our favorite Wally World  and orange paper pumpkin shaped doilies at my favorite Dollar tree Store. I had pretty silk fall leaves and raffia and chiffon ribbons in moss and tan and some fall gold, cream, and tan flowers to use and presto here are the bags. Made yellow tags with black cats to hang on the bags. These bags will be listed in my ETSY shop and with a number of linky parties this week. I hope you will check them out and also stop by the linky parties. There is some really great and very varied items out there to look at.

1)Brag Monday at the Graphics Fairy

2)Market Monday at Common Ground

5)Pretty Things for You ~ Whatever you want Wednesday

 I hope every one has a great week. I will be working on more crafts, trying to get some things ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

May God bless each of you.

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