Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Well today is Christmas Day.  It is raining and supposed to storm big time late this afternoon and into the nite.  I just a soon we kept the rain we are getting right now because they say we will probably have some strong tornadoes. Tornadoes we can do without ~ period. 
I haven't been on line much lately. Just haven't felt very good.  Don and I both have been spending too much quality time with our doctors.  Guess we both will live thru it. Just really had a big problem getting in the Christmas spirit at all this year.  I hope next year will be better, but with the political climate I doubt it. 

I actually own this vintage Christmas card and the original box it came in.  I saw it on a blog a good while ago and dug mine out.  The verse is perfect for this Christmas with all the sad things happening this year. 

Don and I wish you and your families each a Blessed Christmas.  Remember Christ is the reason for the season.

Mary and Don


Donna said...

Hello Dear Mary,

I always take time to stop by when I come to blog land to see how you are. I've not been around much for a few months ~ I do hope you are well and your new year a healthy and blessed one.

Keep warm and cozy, Mary, I will pray no tornadoes come your way and we all get the rain we so desperately need!

God bless you and keep you strong! And your Don, too!


Nicola said...

Its good to remember the reason for the season. Hope you are felling better soon.