Monday, January 7, 2013


Ok folks ~ I have a question ~ why can't I upload a picture for my blog from the pics on my computer?????
I started a blog entry today and when I got ready to upload the picture a new window opened and the only options were Picasa (I don't have and don't want) my phone (I don't have a cell phone or IPAD or any of those things), a URL, a webcam (I have one but the pic I wanted to load is in my computer Picture directory) or I could load pics ALREADY in my blog entries.  I tried all kinds of tabs and NOTHING gave an option for using my own picture dirctory.

What have the dingbats at blogger done now ??? What have I missed or am I the old dingbat???

Anyone's help will be greatly appreciatied !!

PS the entry I planned to post would have been enjoyed by all women size 10 and up !



Suzie's Card Den said...

Try using a different web browser, it happened to me too, I used Chrome and it worked ok
Suzie xx

Nicola said...

There are some good video tutorials on youtube for loading photos onto blogger. Hope that they will help.

anita crane said...

I have the same problem.. new at this so thought I did something wrong. I now load from my computer to Picasa which is not a problem, but slower because then I have to then load them to my blog.. I don't know why but at least we know we're not the only ones!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh gosh Mary, I hope this doesn't EVER happen to me ! and I'm sorry it happened to you because now we are missing your pictures.
BTW I use Firefox and so far okay.

Debby @ Gladrox Quilts said...

Thank goodness it's not just me, I thought I was losing my mind! I'm with you on all those other things Mary - I don't have, need or want any more options. I'm thinking I'll try Google Chrome and see what happens.

Debby @ Gladrox Quilts said...

Me again! I had to go to Google Chrome to add my pictures to my blog in blogger. Not my favorite way to do it but it worked. I"m hoping it gets fixed soon.

Melanie said...

I'm not happy either Mary. If I want to keep using high resolution pics on my blog then I have had to pay for it. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now but I had the same problem as you last time I tried to upload. I am back to blogging today so am not looking forward to these new changes. Yes the world is getting very greedy. Our little blogger corner of the world is now being affected by this greed. I hope that you find a solution to this problem. Do not let the greed stop your creativity and fun. Keep smiling x

Wemb Cole said...

I can't upload to my blog with a blackberry